Is this existent in Dredmor?

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  1. Alavaria

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    Hmm, I had over 4000 ingeniously scythed steel bolts and 6000+ of the plastic ones other ones. You can hoard a TON of stuff in this game.
  2. Arron Syaoran

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    I'm guessing you had High level Perception, and Maxed Tinkering before you've crafted a single bolt? Plus maybe bought out all the bolts in the machines as well?

    Edit: I thought the stack limit was 999 for Ammo/Lutefisk and 99 for Potions/Reagents.
    Reddit: Is your 6000 bolts in one stack or in multiple stacks?
  3. Alavaria

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    DOD END 2.png Not that high level of perception. You'd be surprised how much stuff you can have.
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  4. Arron Syaoran

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    Have you been grinding mobs for drops with various skills(like CK, RS, Fungal, Perception)? and maybe a Fruitful staff and other item-spawning items? I noticed that your uncraftable thrown seems in the normal range of quantity for those items.

    And why did you enchant your bolts? Just make sure to back off with the Encrusting/Enchanting if you ever find any Android Rogue items from my mod, like my Titanium Shank.

    Edit: was those screenshots in vanilla(unmodded)?
  5. Alavaria

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    It was unmodded. The thing with steel is that one iron ingot can be turned into two with some coal (which yes, perception does drop) and chalk (black pearl, oh and you can use gem transmute). I didn't make any thrown weapons.

    I didn't grind mobs except Dread Collectors on that run, which accounts for the fruit but not much else. Most of the run I only had Perception at the starting level.

    Ah I see, 255 :dmg_acidic:, :dmg_blast:, :dmg_conflagratory:

    Hmm, I see further that piracy with gem transmutation can be used to grind and then spam ubertitaniumbolts.

    I actually intended to check when/if shields, tomes, orbs will trigger their instability effect. I haven't yet.

    I remember someone said if you have 100 block you can avoid being hit by Dredmor's corruption effect, but his spells... well you could use two mirror shields I guess. There might be some spells that can still hurt you even then, I think. (He spends most of his short time in my sights gagged)
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  6. Arron Syaoran

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    I didn't go over 255 of the damage types because it might glitch or something. I used 255 because that's the unsigned char(8-bit int) limit. As for spamming Ubertitaniumbolts, feel free because Titanium is hard to find otherwise(It's one of the only ingots that don't spawn in Smithing/Smelting Rooms, Perception or Rogue Tools, and it costs 4x as many gems just to get 1 ingot. You'd need Alchemy, Tinkering and Perception in every build if you want to come close to spamming Titanium Bolts. Because without High Tinkering, you're not going to have the Cruelly Barbed/Ingeniously Scythed ones.

    Edit: In my next patch of my mod, it's supposed to add Titanium Warrior/Rogue Gear that's either Stronger than Steel or more Rogue-Friendly than Steel. I'M STILL WAITING ON THE XML VALIDATOR WEBSITE TO BE FIXED BECAUSE I CAN'T DOWNLOAD THE WINDOWS ONLY VALIDATOR CLIENT. im on a Mac.
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    A pirate has 10% to get a gem from ~any~ kill, and you can transmute it to a ruby. Much more farmable than steel, actually, no problem if you kill a ton of guys. No need to go to the lengths of 20,000 dread collectors, about 1000 personal kills will do. But really, EVERY kill means you don't have to farm, if you clear everything. Which I do.

    Sounds like I've got some fun for Mordred III. The last one had tinkering 8 (needed for mod recipies), but was using 2 from Clockwork Knight, 2 from Rogue scientist. 9 is not a problem, my even earlier run had up to 11 I thin, two good attack skills scale off tinkering level
  8. Arron Syaoran

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    Are you tempting me to nerf Titanium oxide traces so you'd need 4 to make a Titanium Lump, and 2 Lumps to make an ingot?
  9. Alavaria

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    I admit that would make it twice as painfully rare for anyone not using the specific interaction of Piracy's Plundering proc and Alchemy's Gem Transmutation ability.

    I hadn't started a game, but before I get started on the ~30,769 kills needed on average to obtain enough gems solely from Piracy drops to make a stack of 10,000 of those arrows which have I think 8 points of damage over the steel arrows ... of course any kill counts since Pirates start with the ability to get the drops, so from that first Diggle to Dredmor's last bodyguard, each kill is worth ~0.325 arrows.

    Honestly, abusing Fungal arts is better, throwing scales well and depending on how many points you put in, you can really get your worth out of those corpses. (I put in two points first and just stop, it's ~0.4 mushrooms per kill, which is ~1.2 puiffballs, much better ratio). Though is it really abusing Fungal arts since the moment you put the skill points you can't turn it off..
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    To "guarantee" puffballs requires a 3rd point, otherwise you're only getting about .12; and with transmuting, there's a small % of hitting the dead-end Mud Wen.
  11. Alavaria

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    No, pretty sure I've transmuted Mud Wens before. Yep, I just went and did it.

    Also three points in a skill is where you are after putting two points in during your first two level ups. I don't write my skill plan by first putting in the point the game gives you in the skill when you start a game, because that's silly.
  12. Wootah

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    Yeah the non-transmutability was removed a while ago. There was some discussion as to whether this was intentional, but it makes fungal arts even more powerful. I find that fungal arts can work as a staple filler for most any build as the mushrooms are so diverse. I find myself dropping points in it early game just to increase my chance of getting more mushrooms.

    All in all the tree is nearly perfect. I feel like the Battle Mycology skill is a bit poor in terms of damage (2:dmg_toxic: spell mine on a single square?) and the confusion it grants is great, but already readily available through puffballs anyway, and resistable late game makes for a mediocre ability, but the extra mushrooms are still worth it.
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    Surprisingly, on DL 15, I could still confuse enemies with the thrown puffball confuse effect.Maybe it's a pretty low chance, but the area is impressively large.

    There was this Monster Zoo, they would wander about as I flung hundreds of puffballs at them. They would come out the door towards me and inevitably get confused since I was throwing a puffball every turn pretty much.