Windows Vista/7 64-bit Is there anyway of recovering lost data?

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Knallis, Oct 12, 2012.

  1. Knallis

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    I love this game but it is frustrating sometimes to have a random crash and the save file deleted, but there are still files pertaining to it in the gaslamp games folder under documents. Is there any way of rigging a new save file to become the old one? I lost an entire day's worth of playing that was done to celebrate passing my midterms, and I'm pretty bummed about that!

    As for the crash itself, here's what happened. Went from floor 3 to 4. Floor 4 was completely black except for enemies and the water. Went back upstairs. Everything was fine again. Went down the stairs again. The game crashed and my save file was missing. I was playing with permadeath on. Is that a part of the problem, if in a roundabout way?

    I also have all autosave features enabled and had saved that game file twice previously for breaks. I think that's all the relevant information I can think of...
  2. Wolg

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    Almost all. ;) Which distribution method did you get the game from? If Steam, are you launching DoD using Steam, or directly by shortcut/exe?

    Also, what version number? (bottom left of title screen)
  3. Knallis

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    1.1.2, through Steam client.
  4. Daynab

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    Play without Steam (through the exe) and it won't overwrite with a new save, but it's possible that it got corrupted while crashing, in which case well... we can't do anything about. And it sounds like that was what happened.

    To help us resolve this crash, can you check the game folder (steam/steamapps/common/dungeons of dredmor/) and see if you have any .dmp files with the timestamp of your crash? Upload it if you do.
  5. Knallis

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    I do but I got an error when trying to upload it. The file size is somehow 0 KB.
    Interestingly, I also have one called 2011-10-12_21-40-36.dmp which I guess implies the last time my game crashed was exactly a year ago??

    So whatever happened, it also happened to the dmp file I guess. What IS the dmp file anyway?
  6. Daynab

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    As far as I know it's a log of what happened, I haven't personally looked at one so can't give examples. And yeah, it sounds as if that got corrupted as well. :/
  7. Kazeto

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    I can't say for sure what it is there, but usually it's a "memory dump" - file to which some more or less crucial data is thrown from memory when the game crashes (not all game-related data stored in memory because some of it is used for things that aren't really important, but the "important" stuff is almost always there in its entirety), so that the developers will be able to take a look at these values and see what could've gone wrong.
  8. Loerwyn

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    Win 7 has a function to revert a file to a previous copy but I don't know if you can game the system. What I'd try is creating a new save file with an identical name (I can't remember the save structure off the top of my head), right click it, go to properties and see if anything crops up in "Previous Versions".