Is Haywire Bugged?

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Embolus, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. Embolus

    Embolus Member

    I am uncertain about this, but I think the Haywire secondary attribute is bugged. I modded something to give myself +90 Haywire, yet after a few dozen spell-slinging I have yet to see it have any effect. On the other hand, I have often seen the "Haywire" message when accidentally triggering traps, and that's about it.
  2. Incendax

    Incendax Member

    I'm honestly not certain. I know when I play a character with Vampirism and a high haywire I get haywires constantly and even get MULTIPLE haywires in a single attack (probably due to procs or something else). It definitely seems to cause an increase in damage but I have no idea by how much.
  3. J-Factor

    J-Factor Member

    For me, Haywire only seems to trigger when I cause self-damage. E.g. walking through the fire caused by a Rune of Exploding.
  4. Wallach

    Wallach Member

    I've never seen a Haywire message on casting a spell, and I only play mages. But yeah, with Vampirism you see it almost every melee attack and sometimes more than one Haywire on each swing. I thought it was supposed to be the spell version of critical chance.
  5. Incendax

    Incendax Member

    I do not recall ever seeing Haywire happen on a direct damage spell. I have seen a haywire happen on lingering fire from a Dragon's Breath or a Wand of Laser for example, but never on my own spells. I have seen a Haywire from traps.

    I wonder if Haywire accidentally got tied to physical attacks with a magical component? Like if they tried to copy the Critical Hit code and made it apply only to spell effects but forgot to change the part about needing to hit or be hit by a physical attack or something?
  6. Lactose

    Lactose Member

    If you have a huge long list of magical attributes for your damage you will get a haywire like on every physical attack in my experience.
  7. Embolus

    Embolus Member

    But Haywire is supposed to be magical, not physical. Quite sure it's bugged...
  8. afterstar

    afterstar Member

    I only get haywire when I cause self-damage like J-Factor said.
  9. ComradeRoost

    ComradeRoost Member

    I play a berserker-astro-vampire and it's rare that I don't get a haywire every 2 or so hits when buffed with astro's starter buff.
  10. DuckAndCower

    DuckAndCower Member

    Yep. It gets a little annoying hearing "HAYWIRE... HAYWIRE... HAYWIRE..." the whole time I'm playing my vampire.
  11. geddoe

    geddoe Member

    It is fun when your weapon has multiple types of magic damage and you are a vampire and you get 2-4 HAYWIREs per attack.

  12. Tacroy

    Tacroy Member

    According to the laundry list for 1.04, Haywire is currently bugged and apparently only activates when it's <i>not</i> supposed to :)
  13. yeah, vampire haywires, traps haywire, walking through my own spells haywire... but when I throw spells at an enemy they never do :p
  14. Anacone

    Anacone Member

    I did buy this just on the day it was released on Steam.

    I made my mass hay wire while played game first time, not used to controls and being really tired. Tried to shut down music, it still stood on background after trying to turn it off from game menu other effects seemed right. Got food & stuff to my character. After spelunking awhile I found some traps.

    Ok which button removes trap? Not that one damn, what smoke, can't see clearly next trap, trying to click it, I'm quite sure it auto-walked over 2-3 more low lvl area trap, fire and more smoke came I was like OMGWTFBBQ, all the smoke and fire and such, damn sound effects were really loud and all yelling every step. Took couple more steps before brain said stop it, remembering this is roguelike, you can slow down bit, don't click all around (not really clicking that much around even) that yelling kills you, lowered some sound from mixer from desktop (playing on windowed mode whole time). Ate some food, took two more steps trying to get out of all fire and smoke hoping yelling to stop and being "amused" pressed esc. Did lower some sound more, this time from game then took one more step then quit game as it seemed I might die from traps and not wanting to risk more my ears.

    I think that took just 5-10 steps after finding traps. It happened so suddenly, having just hazy distant memory and gave me scars forever against all hay wiring ;) So I did know it only activates yourself, nothing else has ever done that horrible noise.

    I did watch youtube before buying game and sound of dragon master guy thingie didn't scare me there, Though it took many days before I tested spells. I just love smithing and such.

    Now I think it might been similar to multiple yelling as with inventory full, not as quick more like too fast sword swinging case.
  15. NefariousKoel

    NefariousKoel Member

    I only get Haywires when I take trap damage. I thought haywire was supposed to be MY spell crits.
  16. Embolus

    Embolus Member

    It has been confirmed that Haywire is bugged and will be fixed in the next patch.