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Discussion in 'Other Games' started by madcow, Apr 17, 2012.

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    Hey guys, I'm new to the forums (but been playing DoD for awhile), I was curious if anybody had some iphone game recommendations.

    I'm interested in rpg or rogue-like but I'll take recommendations for what I can get.

    Do any of the iphone rogue-likes even have something resembling the skill-system dredmor has?
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    I have an IPad, not an IPhone, but I do know that a lot of the games I play on it ARE available on IPhone. Note that you CAN get various versions of Rogue and/or Nethack for the IPhone, but the ones I've tried on the IPad, were just 'ok' -- I couldn't get used to the interface for them enough to play them very much.

    I can recommend the following, but you'll have to check to see if they are actually available for IPhone. Sometimes there may be a dedicated Iphone version, or there may be one version that runs on both platforms.

    Powder -- difficult roguelike, but fun. I've never gotten past level 15. It's free for the first 15 levels, in any case (but I paid for the full version anyway, since I spent so much time with it).
    100 Rogues -- an easier, shorter roguelike. Kind of a lighter game
    Sword of Fargoal: Legends -- a very simple roguelike, that I actually got my nephew playing (he's about 10 years old)
    Legends of Yore: another fairly simple roguelike -- it's not one of my favorites, but you might like it better than I do
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    BTW, none of these really use a skill system like Dredmor's, but 100 Rogues at least has a skill tree kind of thingy for each class (although it's a really small tree).
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    BTW, you can get Bards Tale -- including the three original Bard's Tale games -- for IOS. You have to buy the new version, and you can download the original 3 for free. I did try playing Bard's TAle 1, and it really feels like the original game. Only problem is, that it is stuck with some of the same weaknesses of that original game (like the fact that you need to type in the name of the spell that you want to cast, it's difficult to navigate, etc.) But it really is Bard's Tale.
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    Thanks, I'll look into these. I was looking into Sword of Fargoal, it seems interesting. It sounds like I might like Powder assuming its not -too- complex. 100 rogues too maybe. I got Legends of Yore and tried it out, but it seemed overly simplistic/easy and I doubt I'll give it much more playtime.

    Any decent games that aren't roguelikes worth checking out?
  6. Haldurson

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    Yeah, I got bored with Legends of Yore as well. There actually is more to the game than it appears at first, but there's just so much grinding to see any of it that it gets boring quickly.

    I can refer you to some non-rpg games, but I don't know whether you'll like the same things that I do. So definitely check their description first to see if they match your tastes. I'm almost afraid to recommend anything to a stranger because I know that my tastes are not mainstream, plus I'm an older guy, so I don't do games that require any semblance of hand-eye coordination, much less twitch-mechanics. I do know that some of the games that I haven't liked, are actually very highly rated so take anything that I say with a grain of salt.

    Heres some that I've enjoyed playing a lot:
    Word games: "Word Welder", "Spell Tower", "Bubble in Paradise"
    (there's also "Puzzlejuice", but it's really a hard game -- combines Tetris and a word game in a way that actually makes my head spin).
    Board games: "Ticket to Ride", "Catan" (IOS version of "Settlers of Cataan")
    Puzzle games: "Gem Spinner II" (Gem Spinner 1 is ok, but II is so much better), Also "4 Elements" is decent if you like match-3 games
    RPG: Well, honestly, none of them kept me playing for long. But the longest would have to be "Dungeon Crawlers"
  7. Haldurson

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    If you like rogue or Nethack, then you'll know what Powder is all about, since those were clearly its primary inspirations. On the other hand, 100 Rogues is more tactical (not to say that Powder isn't tactical, it's just that 100 rogues has more of an emphasis on tactics). Also, I've actually won 100 Rogues a couple of times, so there's that...

    Powder, like Rogue, or Nethack, has a lot to it that you really will have to play to learn. And a lot of it is NOT obvious. The best mechanic in the game, imho, is its deities -- every actions that you take in the game will make some deity or deities like you more, and make one or more others like you less. And the ones that like you may reward you and the ones who dislike you can make your life miserable. And there's no way to make them all happy, so you have to cater your gameplay towards those deities that you want to like you the most and hope that they can help you when the others inevitably start giving you grief.

    Sword of Fargoal, unlike the other two, requires very little thought -- it's good mindless fun, but it won't keep you engaged as much as the others.
  8. SkyMuffin

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    As far as roguelikes go, there's definitely nothing as complex as Dredmor except for maybe one of the pisspoor ports of Nethack, or the decent version of Powder. One roguelike that is really totally different is Dungeon Raid-- it's a match-3 game with roguelike elements. I'd try the lite version, since it's very generous and has a lot of content.

    Other RPGs that are pretty decent: Final Fantasy Tactics, Dungeon Hunter 1 + 2 (stripped down version of Diablo or Torchlight), Adventure Bar Story (JRPG with some sim elements), Ash 1 + 2 (very good JRPG, particularly the dialogue and story), Wild Frontier (the best hack and slash KRPG on iOS right now), Crimson Heart (another decent KRPG), Dink Smallwood (action rpg with weird humor and some puzzle solving), Secret of Mana (APRG), Mage Gauntlet (ARPG), Swordigo (action rpg similar to Ys series).

    If you like Golden Box era rpgs, Wolfenstein RPG, Doom 2 RPG, and Undercroft (completely free) are very similar.

    Other games that are not RPG but that are worth a look: Pathpix, Super Quick Hook, Beat Hazard, Glypha, Solomon's Keep, Infinity Field, Super Crate Box, NyxQuest, Junk Jack, Babylonian Twins, Ranch Rush, Super Bit Dash, Solipskier, Cordy Sky, Mechanic Panic, The Incident, Civilization Revolution (unfortunately really stripped down compared to the PC games), Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer, Majesty, Labymania, Blue Marble, Game Dev Story
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    I do believe they did FF1 and FF2 on iPhone, too. From what I remember, those are pretty much the PSP ones put on an iPhone. Those PSP games were remakes of GBA games which were remakes of PS1 games which were remakes of NES games... I think I didn't forget anyone.
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    Lol, when I first read that, I said to myself "sounds cool. I should give that one a try." I actually looked it up on Itunes, and then saw that I already owned it. Geez, my brain must be broken.

    I did play it, I just never actually considered it an rpg or roguelike. I did have fun with it, so it's still a good suggestion.
  11. If you are looking for classic rpg goodness on the iOS, Zenonia 1-4 aren't bad games by far! I'd also recommend Secret of Mana, a square game recently ported to the iOS from the SNES; one of my favorite games from that console, now on a handheld version!

    Other games I'd recommend on the iOS: Minecraft PE, Angry Birds Space, Temple Run, Cordy Sky and Edge!
  12. Haldurson

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    I've heard a rumor that there was an IOS game similar to the board game Talisman (someone mentions it in a review of a different game, but can't remember where I saw that). Anyone know anything about that?

    I'm mostly interested in turn-based board or rpg games, match-3 games, and word/number games. The best I've found I listed above -- anyone know any other good ones?

    BTW, Ticket to Ride is probably the best iOS board game I've seen. I never actually played the physical version of the game, but it has some similarity to the Empire Builder series of board games (Empire Builder, Eurorails, Lunar Rails, Nippon Rails, Iron Dragon, etc.)
  13. Haldurson

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    One more thing -- anyone know of a good chess game for ios that allows for both solo and pass and play? My nephew has gotten interested in Chess, and I'm trying to teach him some basic strategy and tactics. There's a lot of chess games out there and it's hard to figure out what's good (the one I've downloaded is a buggy mess even though it got good reviews).
  14. madcow

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    I've found that as much as I to like Zenobia, Secret of Mana (I actually played this one back in the day) and similar games, the controls on the iphone are too iffy for it to really work, I picked up Zenobia and moving in ways I didn't want to go really turned me off of it. Its probably not an issue on an ipad which has a much bigger screen though.

    100 rogues is fantastic, but I'm kind of bothered by the fact that one of the purchasable characters is broken (using the rogue's smokebomb skill crashes the game every single time). Dungeon Raid was a pretty fun match three game. And I did pick up powder and Sword of Fargoal, both I'm enjoying depending on the mood.

    So thanks for the previous suggestions! I'll still keep an eye on this thread though if more good ideas pop up.
  15. Essence

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    my wife has an iPod, and she loves:

    * Gardens of Time
    * Royal Envoy and Royal Envoy 2
    * Trade Nations

    I have a Kindle, and I like:
    * Robotek
    * Wind-Up Knight
    * Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave
    * Sunstones (holla, Mr. Strange)
    * Quell
    which I believe are all available on iOS as well.
  16. Haldurson

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    The IPad version is very stable -- well, at least I've never had a crash, and I have played the rogue (smoke bomb is a pretty standard skill for the rogue, so I can see how that is annoying).
  17. Mr_Strange

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    Yes, I would be remiss if I didn't pimp my own indie game effort Sun Stones. It's free, but if you love it you can pay for the second half of the content.

    Games I'm really liking on iOS:

    Battle Nations
    Rune Raiders*
    Hero Mages*
    Rows Free (it's sparse, but so good...)
    Choice of Zombies**

    *I should mention that both of these games are now associated with GameSalute, who recently partnered with me to publish my board game. I swear that business relationship isn't coloring my impression of the games!

    **Written by an old class-mate of mine. I know too many game developers!