1.0 Invisible "gabion ghosts"

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  1. Here they are, in all they magnificant transparency, yet solid presence, two gabion modules ghosts. In the begginnging I though I had somehow missed the spot. So I tried to fill it, only to find that, the spot in question was, somewhat obstructed. I then thought that maybe the terrain had strange irregularity caused by the flattening and made it impossible to build upon. So I put another gabion in front of it. After some time managing in other parts of the colony, I discover even the second gabion disappeard. And that the terrain is obsttructed. "I give up!, I have better things to do than to worry about Schrodinger's gabions!". until i find out that they, in the end, got built.... If you want I can attach a save file, but I don't know how can it be of any use, since the problem resolved itself and i don't know how to replicate it...

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  2. Mikel

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    Hmmm, I thought they had found this one (or perhaps one like it). It was a rendering issue before.
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  3. Sorry, I didn't know it... Should I delete the thread to avoid an unnecessary report?
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  4. Mikel

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    Not at all. It's new now :)
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  5. mikail 001

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    Well i am playing on ver 1.0b and i am having this issue too.

    ghost gabion.PNG
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