Inventory Management ('nuff said?)

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    Okay I've actually got more to say.

    First of all, I love this game. Bought it on day 1, own all the expansions, and never regretted it. It's had its ups and downs (crashes, bugs, original wand mechanics (lol)) but on the whole I love this game to death. Love it.

    The thing I don't love about this game is inventory management. Actually, messing with full inventories full of junk makes me downright sad. I'd say my inventory fills up completely about twice per floor on average. So that means a trip to Brax (which tends to eliminate about 1/3rd of the lot) and a trip the the pocket dimension to unload all of the rest. I've come up with a method of storing certain things in certain places in the pocket dimension for convenience, but it still takes up a lot of time to do this, and that's time that could better be spent dying for the 42,163th time (give or take). Often I find myself Save and Quitting as soon as I get that inventory is full announcement, because it's such a chore but it needs to be done.

    So how do you people deal with your inventory woes? I know I can't be the only one...
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    It is a pain, especially when you run a craft heavy build. Normally, I just suck it up and deal with it. However, around floor 10 or so I turn off Auto-loot and craft everything I can. That usually gives me enough supplies to not worry about it during the final slog of the game. However, that all depends on whether or not I hit the point I'm looking for in that huge crafting section.

    Honestly, one of the best tips I can give you is to turn Autoloot either off or make it so it does not pick up any extraneous things. Resource management is a pain and so reducing yourself to just what your current run needs is the best policy.

    That of course does not help my Tinkering/Alchemy/Wandlore/Smithing/Rogue Scientist/Clockwork Knight/Perception Build in the slightest and often makes me regret trying that particular build despite the inevitable shenanigans it generates/
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  3. Darkmere

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    Learn what you need for crafting, keep artifacts in a pile in the pocket dimension and sell your stock when you find a new store. Lutefisk cube everything that doesn't fall into one of those two categories.
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  4. FDru

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    Regarding Lutefisking. Other than "getting rid of stuff", does it really serve that great of a purpose? I've turned in 500 Lutefisk on several occasions but never gotten anything worthwhile. Weak, low level artifacts with low modifiers...

    And then how do you deal with your need for gold? I find the only reliable way to get food is to clean out vending machines, which tends to be expensive. In some runs, buying a decent weapon might be necessary as well... and while this may only be a problem early in the game, it is a problem nonetheless.
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  5. Essence

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    Lutefisking is floor-dependant. Save all your Lutefisk for floor 9-10 and turn it in in piles of 500 when you get there.
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  6. Darkmere

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    I always run with a free out-of-combat renewable heal of some kind, so I don't need food much, if ever. That said, save diggle eggs, bread, cheeses for grilled cheeses and cheesy omelets to stretch what you find as far as it will go. Engaging enemies in narrow halls for 1-on-1 fights will help you keep up, as well. What types of builds do you run?
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    Yeah, I'm aware of that. I think I read about that when I read about the 500 limit... still no luck.

    Then again, I've only been to floor 9-10 a handful of times.

    Random builds. I usually just make sure I have at least 1 weapon skill (and never more than one weapon skill unless I roll dual-weilding). And always GR/PD.
  8. Darkmere

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    Aye, there's the rub. In that case, what about just dumping everything you don't need in a pile in the pocket dimension and just selling it all in bulk at every store? I find things a bit less tedious if I only have to deal with that kind of management once or twice per floor, as opposed to every room or three. Other than that, I'm out of ideas, since I usually do setups I enjoy based on crafting and concept, instead of random challenge runs.
  9. FaxCelestis

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    My rule: If you're not planning on immediately using it or crafting it in the near future, get rid of it.

    Money is not really all that scarce: keep a couple really pricey non-artifact items for sale. Learn which ingredients you really work with all the time and keep those. For me (since I always always always take Alchemy), that means if I come across Hematite, I press it into Iron, then grind it into Rust, then mix it with Aqua Vitae to make Healing Potions. ANYTHING that grinds into Rust is ground into Rust. Same holds true for things that turn into Aluminum Powder. Yes, even things like an artifact rusty sword.

    I generally take Archaeology to also counteract inventory management: if it is an artifact and I am not going to be wearing it, it goes to the museum.

    Meat is ground and then fisk'd. Cheese is ground and then fisk'd--unless I have bread or eggs, in which case they're immediately crafted into omelets or grilled cheese sandwiches. Most metals are ingoted and then tinkered into bolts...and then fisk'd. Bolts that aren't Poison/Acid Ampoule, Mass Destruction, Squid, Plague, or one kind of Cruelly Scythed (generally whichever I find first) are also fisk'd. Weapons and armor that aren't worth fantastic amounts of money are, once again, fisk'd--ones that are are kept until sold. Gems are generally kept mostly because I Alchemy a lot, but even then I generally end up selling them when I hit a shop. Booze is converted in the most efficient way possible into Aqua Vitae: if I really need mana, I have mana potions, and generally I run so short on Aqua Vitae that I end up emptying every booze vendor I come across and burning it into Aqua Vitae immediately.

    What it really boils down to is that you're doing the inventory hassle thing to yourself: all you have to do is set very rigorous standards about what you're going to keep. Anything else should be built into components you're going to keep, tossed for XP, or fisk'd.
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    Dredmor does appeal to hoarders :p so I believe it's partly intentional. I keep the crafting stuff in separate stockpiles in the pocket dimension even without having any crafting skills , just in case. Somehow I don't mind doing that all the time.

    Mostly , the inventory gets full when you keep too much stuff at all times. Depending on build , you should only really need 2 types of food , 2-3 booze if casting spells , potions of health , mana , purity and instability , and 2-3 different projectiles to throw / shoot , plus lockpicks. After that it's just luxury (especially extra equipment) or inefficient storage. You should only need mushrooms for zoos , hence you won't need them after one or when doing a cautious preliminary exploration.
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  11. You're not the only one.
    Don't mind the equipment on the left, I assure you that there is some kind of organization going on over there. But anyways, I have no problem doing that for all of my runs for some bizarre reason. It all started with that one advanced crafting mod, and sorting everything out has stuck with me ever since.
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  12. Strumpa

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    I try to constrain myself from picking up everything I find. I also try to categorize and drop them off in safe-havens for later inspection.
  13. Saphen

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    Become EVERYTHING! :eek::map_lutefisk:
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