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    Hello everyone!

    I don't post regularly here (or at all) but you may have seen me in the "ARRP & Shameless plugging" thread.
    So to continue the tradition of shameless self promotion I hereby open the thread for the game Psiweapon, Foox and me are making in our free time. Other non self promotional motives would be the feedback on the game we recieved in that other thread and the fact that the new version is up!

    Without further ado, check it out here

    Game summary

    The game is written in C++ and uses SDL API.
    Into the Dungeon++ is my take at a coffeebreak roguelike intended to introduce people to roguelike genre with atmospheric pixel art, music and sound. Pixel art is done by Psiweapon and music & sounds by Foox.
    Dungeons and items are procedurally generated while monsters and spells have fixed looks and stats. Every 5th level a player encounters a Boss with specialized AI and Spells.
    Instead of food there is a corruption mechanic represented by the candle. It allows the player to see the loot through the fog of war but prevents staying too long on a level.
    It will feature a choice driven storyline and multiple endings.
    I started programming the game in February/March 2011 but Psiweapon (upon seeing my horrible pixel art) and Foox joined shortly thereafter. We have been doing it for a year now, slowly when we have time and the project far exceeded my expectations. I added a lot things I didn't plan on but I still kept it simple so the development is nearing its end.

    Oh and don't be afraid to say any kind of critique because your feedback makes us work harder by knowing there are people playing the game and wanting us to make the best job we can!
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  2. What are the current issues and is there anything in particular you would like the seasoned R-L players here to look at?
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    Interface mainly isn't polished and needs some control standardization. (currently everything is done with keyboard but I plan on supporting the mouse). The game is nearing its completion so help with balancing is greatly apprecieted.
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    Not bad. There's little feeling of control because there's pretty much no character building -- you are a collection of items; no skills/race/class/anything to differentiate one playthrough from the next. The challenge is good; I didn't make it past the 3rd floor on my three plays thus far. The ranged-attack orange dragon things just whipped my ass and I had so few ranged attacks of my own that I couldn't take them on on their terms. Graphics are decent, controls did pretty much exactly what you would assume they did. IDK that you can call it a roguelike, as it's lacking in complexity, but it's a solid dungeon crawl. :)
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    Will update if I have more thoughts, but I played a bit earlier. I really really like the graphics (Psiweapon you rock) and overall it's enjoyable.

    • Having it tell you what you pick up (say scrolls) in the log would be a nice touch, so you don't need to open the inventory for EVERYTHING.
    • The controls are somewhat weird because the mouse movement is ultra sensitive (a tad too much) but the keyboard movement is clunky. If you want to move more than one tile at a time, it forces a pause. Mouse doesn't have this problem.
    • Not exactly sure how this happened but one time I pressed enter and it forced me out of fullscreen. Possibly because I had alt tabbed out and back in before and it remembered the use of alt?
    • Consider using "g" instead of enter for picking items up. Just a little nitpick from me because it's the standard and I always press the wrong button
    • I died on floor 4 because I completely forgot about that candle thing. Maybe put a word about it in the tutorial.
    • Consider making scrolls dropping a bit more, maybe I was unlucky but I found 4 scrolls on 4 floors and I had 5 unidentified items with no scrolls of identify. Alternatively, make items auto-identify when worn for a certain number of turns.
    I quite like it!
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    Playing right now and i noticed something right at the beginning.

    Plase add a option menu to set sound/music volume .... it way too loud.
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  7. Playing it a bit... Keep in mind anything and everything I say about your game is constructive, at worst. :)
    You have an irc channel where you and yourn hang out? Good place for quick Q&A.

    I'd like a way to identify all icons/tiles before stepping on them or picking them up.. there are a few times I've stepped on and have no idea what they are/do, despite using the "enter" key. When you implement mouse support, you may want to consider dding pop-up identification of the items. So you don't have to pick them up if you don't want to.. example "unidentified xx" and "xx of xx" with description.
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    Awesome feedback! Thanks!

    Yeah, options were just a last minute implementation. I'll add sound control and probably keybindings, BTW Ctrl+S toggles sound while Ctrl+M toggles music.

    Enter disabling fullscreen is noted, you weren't the first who told me that. I'll see what causes the prob.

    As I added traps I made the game more difficult without really offering a counter balance. Next update will feature more drops of potions and scrolls. Other thing that will change the balance is my plan on expanding the trap system. Ofcourse I'll try and fine tune the controls. Oh and I forgot, a friend suggested a "speed" option which makes the moving faster. That will probably be added for experienced players.

    Unfortunately, new semester is starting for me tommorow and I don't know how long will the next update be... I don't like giving out small updates but if the trap imbalancing thingy will really bug you I might make an exception.
  9. Your in school. do what you can when you can. :) I don't know of anyone who would rather no updates than "small updates".
    If you hang out in these forums at all, you will notice Dev feedback is key. .02
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    You added a bunch of stuff, that's nice.

    * Is there a way to search for traps ? That's the main thing that bugged me. Sometimes they are just in the way and I found no way of avoiding them. Since you dont regenerate your health at all unless you drink potions it felt a bit abusive.

    * When you create your character the first time it does tell you about the candle. However it doesnt tell you about the F1 key which is very useful.

    A speed potion would be nice. In general, a way to avoid ennemies would be nice. Is there a scroll of teleportation yet ?
  11. Yes on the scroll. First scroll I found in fact. Didn't realize it was a one shot deal. Was hoping to 'learn' the spell from the scroll. Wasted. :/
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    Ah ? Were you confused by the fact that they are put in a book titled like " guide to magic" ? : )
  13. No. I just didn't know. :) HAven't read all the available documentation. Just stumbled through a run to see how 'intuitive' the play is.