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    Silver Dagger is still classified as a sword
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    Is this mod compatible with the latest version of DoD? I know it has been awhile since this thread has been updated but I recently got back into playing this game after quite some time off. I have never used mods before and this one looked like a good first one to try. I get a LOT of crashes if this mod is enabled (the only mod I had installed). In general, at least 50% of the time a zoo is cleared the game will crash. Probably close to 75% of the time when a new character level is achieved the game will crash. receiving quest rewards also crashes the game with regularity if the mod is enabled. Playing the game without the mod enabled results in a nearly crash free experience, except for those known existing bugs like killing a monster on a set of stairs.

    Anyhow, not complaining just wondering if this mod if to be avoided with the latest builds.
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    Yes, ID is compatible with the latest version of DoD. I've gotten all the way to the bottom of the dungeon using Interior Dredmorating, without a crash, on the current release. I'm very certain about that, as I unlocked an achievement for killing Dredmor (on a different difficulty than my usual) in December 2014, and Steam tells me I last played in late January 2015. I'm pretty sure there haven't been any updates to the main game in a lot longer than that.

    Do you have all the official expansions? If I remember correctly, I believe the current version makes use of images and monsters from all the DLC, so if you don't have them all installed, it can cause crashes.

    If you have all the DLC (Realm of the Diggle Gods, Conquest of the Wizardlands, and You Have To Name The Expansion) then Interior Dredmorating should run fine and be very stable. If you're missing an official expansions... well, they're very affordable and I strongly recommend getting them all. The total for the three expansion sets is like $6, and I can't think of a better bunch of guys to give some lunch money to than the Gaslamp Games team.

    If that doesn't fix it, try deleting local content and downloading the mod again from Steam Workshop.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    Yes, I have all of the expansions. I have actually bought it all twice I like the game so much!

    I will try a fresh install of everything once my current run is finished. I have noticed that other mods have the same issue for me (although the base game runs fine with no mods enabled), so maybe something is hosed with my base game install.

    And great mod by the way. I have been playing this game pretty much since it first released and I have never used any mods before. It's fun getting to see some new stuff after hundreds of hours played.
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    I know the thread is super old, but could anyone reupload this mod? The dropbox links aren't working :(
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    I only have version so I uploaded that. I will note that I only did it because bergstrom has not been active for over half a year, and if he decides that I should remove it (I doubt he will, not because of lack of activity but because as far as I know he is a decent person and he did his mods out of enthusiasm and so would want people to have a way to access them) then I will do it.

    I also have no idea what upload sites are considered edible nowadays (I generally used dropbox too, before the weird change that bricked the access to bergstrom's—and many other people's as well—uploaded files), so I uploaded it to Mega because I've seen people on some other page post files uploaded to it and thus I know it exists. If you think that that site is horrible and know of any better ones then just let me know.!FEhnBShC!WaRvdam-3u_-QOzdIRMTXpveN6fbF6jnB0Mo2CFoLoc
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    Thanks so much, Kazeto! And MEGA is actually a great site for sharing files, so no worries on that end :) Glad to see that some people still browse the forums and play this game :D