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    Yay! I've been sitting on that save for weeks now, unable to start another DoD run because I finally want to kill Dredmor :p
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    Interior Dredmorating

    * Fixed level 15 crash by commenting out the room that sometimes exceeds memory buffers. So long "Zoo with Everything".
    * Fixed broken Droid Factory lever so you can't get stranded
    * Fixed treasure in Droid Factory that was spawning over lava.
    * Almost certainly broke 6,800+ save games that weren't stranded in a factory or at top of the stairs to floor 15, because that's how Steam Workshop works. :oops: It may be a while before your personally-addressed hand-written apology letter makes its way through the mail.
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    You might want to alter your commenting-out a bit there.


    (You may or may not also want to comment out the floor 10 multi-zoo. I don't know if it will cause crashes as well or not, I don't recall having seen it.)
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    Damnit! It was totally all greyed out in my TextWrangler! How on earth did I screw that up?

    EDIT: Looking at the files right now, I can clearly see that TextWrangler still has it greyed out, and apparently thinks that's perfectly fine to have nested comments. I'm pretty sure that's not actually going to work, though, so will be up in minutes. I'll get to break saves twice in one day. I'll bet you all love me for that.
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    Link to ID
    Fixes the bug I made in earlier today. In theory, all known bugs are now fixed. Again.
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    I think we all know Fax is to blame for this. (Not really, but I have not blamed him in several days, so it is his turn.)
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    Just a heads up, is still in the OP, and the link is dead as well. I'll update the title when you change it
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    Thank you for pointing that out. I'll fix it immediately.

    EDIT: The link in the first post is fixed now. Thanks again.
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    Uh, enraged diggles on the first floor, monster zoo on the first floor. Isn't that a bit much? First time I played the mod, first door I opened on the first floor was a monster zoo. There was nowhere else to go...dead char. Next was an enraged diggle before I had even gotten my first weapon. Maybe tone it down a bit?
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    Mmmmnope. That's just bad luck. I would venture that 99%+ of the time, there WON'T be a zoo on the other side of the first door you ever open, so that's fine -- hecks, go get the Normandy achieve if you haven't already. First-floor Enraged Diggles are already in the "core" game (or at the very least core + expansions), as is the occasional first-floor Deth.
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    Yeah. Enraged Diggles spawn on floor 1, and they are dangerous, but if you manage to find softballs before fighting them, they don't murder you too dead before they die. :)
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    I'm sorry you got killed so fast, but as others have pointed out, that does happen quite frequently with the vanilla maingame.

    The current version of ID doesn't specifically call any enraged diggles on the first floor, so any that you encountered were placed by the RNG of the main game.

    The first floor zoo in ID is a 3x4 room, and thus typically generates between 2 and 9 monsters*. Given that the vanilla game has a default non-zoo room that frequently spawns 2 hordes (2 to 10 monsters) plus up to 5 traps, I don't feel that my zoo room is particularly out of line for first-floor power level. It's tough, I admit, but I don't think it's any more unfair than things that already appear in the game.

    There will be anomalous events where the zoo ends up being extra hard, generating the full complement of 9 zoo monsters, with one or more of them being named bosses, and then dumping in a handful of the random per-floor non-zoo monsters into the same confined space.

    Similar risks happen with the high-monster volume rooms of the main game. I've personally encountered a "20x20 Large Treasury" from the main game on the first floor that had not just the two hard-coded horde spawns typical of that room, but also a Bee Arthur and a Sigfried randomly assigned to the room. It was a glorious death.

    *: Here's the way that algorithm works, as I understand it. The game designates all the spaces that are in the room but not adjacent to doors, as having a special status, which shows up on the minimap where they are colored cyan. Each door removes/prevents the cyan status of 3 adjacent spaces. The game then does a random roll for each "cyan space" to generate a monster, with the odds of any individual cyan space producing a monster being somewhere above 90%.
    Since the zoo in question is a 3x4 room, that means a maximum of 9 cyan spaces if there's only one entrance to the zoo, and as few as 2 cyan spaces if the zoo has the maximum allotment of 4 doors.
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    (zoos are turquoise, shops are pink)

    To prevent it from being the first door you open (I think the starting room always has left and right doors, and sometimes bottom?), you might make the doors only appear on top and bottom? Would make it less likely to occur overall though.

    But really if it is the first room, you're not exactly losing a lot of progress :p
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    Oops! Thanks! I'll edit my previous post to correct that mistake.
    It would still sometimes spawn behind the first door you opened, and would actually have more monsters on average, with a minimum of 6 pink I mean turquoise ;) spaces. I don't think that's an improvement.

    Here's a few of the combinations I tried before settling on the current 3x4 w/ 4 door format:

    3x4 w/ 2 doors: Min size is 6, Ave size is 7.5, Max size is 9
    3x4 w/ 4 doors: Min size is 2, Ave size is 6, Max size is 9
    3x3 w/ 2 doors: Min size is 3, Ave size is 4.5, Max size is 6.
    3x3 w/ 4 doors: Min size is 1, Ave size is 3.4, Max size is 6.

    The first configuration on that list had a better than 50% kill rate in my initial half-dozen tests, and the last one was laughable as it would frequently pop up a single monster. So I quickly ruled them out.

    I actually tried the 3x3 2-door version in one release of ID, but got feedback that it was too much reward for too little effort. That's when I rolled it up to 3x4, which I had previously considered my second-best option. If you look through this thread enough, you'll find posts where people actually suggest that the first-floor zoo needs to be more dangerous. IIRC, Lccorp2 said he felt 4x5 was the proper size, and I think he put a zoo that size in RR.
  16. ^I feel 3x4 is a bit on the low side, tbh. In fact, I think a hard-ish monster zoo on floor 1 is important for the sake of balancing. Playing vanilla with CotW/YH/RotDG, i actually ended up surviving floor 1 more often than with ID/RR+mod skills. Yes, a Zoo on floor 1 tends to "hurt" pure vanilla builds somewhat, but they are crucial to help balance the vastly extended toolkits that mod-trees bring into the game.
    On a sidenote, even with a "pure" vanilla build, level 1 monster zoos aren't remarkably scary if you SPEC for them specifically. And really you should. Whenever i play with ID/RR, i keep asking myself - alright, if the next door i open is a monster zoo, "how am i gonna deal with that?". That typically means grabbing level that give the most "here and now" power for the first few levels, rather than trying to work my way down trees that give better abilities towards the capstone.
    The above is also why i feel that monster zoos should be on floor 1 - the rate at which you gain levels on GR are such that "capstone rushing" THE ONE TREE (w/e that is for your relevant archetype) essentially allows you to cheese your way past the first few dungeon levels effortlessly. Considering that you are typically going to be in an OK shape as long as you survive getting the first few levels, that pretty creates a strong incentive to "gamble" GRPD builds until you "luck out" on getting said levels, then rush the capstone accordingly for smooth sailing. Having to deal with a floor 1 monster zoo at any moment really throws a spanner in the works of that kind of playstyle, and imo, really helps to balance out how easy successfully rushing a capstone makes the next few floors.
    I've litterally beaten a monster zoo on the 3rd door i opened with a combination of luck (critical hit, dur hur hur), skill (looted traps, guerilla tactics, and smart bolt/spell casts) and timely level ups. However, i remember actually thinking, when picking up my trees on game start - They have zoos on floor 1 now - what can i get that will help me beat them at level 1?
    I ended up with a messy combination of CK, Crossbow, Communism, Bushido, Fleshsmithing, Tinkering and Smithing. Mass zombies did half the work for me, let me set up traps, maximise tile debuffs, while the first level i got mid-clearing the zoo went into rocket punch for DAT knockback (well, maybe it was the 3rd level. I level'd up twice during that, and would have made it to level 4 if exp carried over).
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    Hmm, after playing a few more games, I'm pretty sure I overreacted. Sorry! :oops: Excellent mod, by the way! More rooms is *always* good.
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    it burnsss
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    The transporter room should probably be modified as shown in the attached file. (I've also reproduced the relevant portion below)

    <script repeat="-1">
    <condition condition_type="at" id="player" at="8" />
    <action on="success" action_type="spell" casts="Xeuclid's Translation" targetX="4" targetY="10"/>
    <action on="success" action_type="ticker" text="One to beam up! ...Just be thankful this wasn't a time-travel episode. You don't want to even see the Nazi Diggles."/>

    Attached Files:

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    Is there a reason why you think that should be changed? To the best of my knowledge, the room is functioning the way I expect and intend it too. If you want me to change that, you'll need to present a pretty compelling argument, and currently you're presenting no argument whatsoever.

    You bolded two sections, but only one of them is actually a change. The most recent version has it already set to repeat="-1". Unless you bolded that by accident, you should double-check that you're using the most recent download.

    As for the other change, well that's just not how transporters work in Star Trek. You usually beam in on top of one of the circular or hexagonal lighted areas on the transporter pad, not in the space between them. Visual references: Most relevant are the classic Trek layouts, since the room includes references to three different episodes of the original series.

    With your proposed altered Y value it would be slightly more of a trap, but at the cost of being a less accurate homage.

    It doesn't really need to be a more severe trap, since to get to the "beam me up" effect, the player has already encountered one trap/ambush in the room already. Also, the room is intended to be easier if you have crafting skills. If you look at the room map and item drops again, you'll probably see why that's relevant to the space you beam in at.