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    First of all, I have had a great time since purchasing the game early this afternoon. Here are just a few of my initial thoughts:

    1) I love the alchemy/tinkering/smithing system, it is outstanding. I know I'm just scratching the surface, but I'd love for there to be info on the mouseover of items on whether it can be used - for instance, certain ingots seem to be tinkerable but not smithable, and vice versa. That might help me decide what to keep and what to ditch.

    2) If you're trying to drop an item and you don't click on a directly adjacent square, you move in that direction and still don't drop the item. And if you happen to move next to a mob, they get a free swing at you.

    3) Grilled cheese sandwiches are the bomb.

    4) Are potions and wands truly random through playthroughs like other roguelikes or does a potion of Midas, say, always do what it did for me in my game?

    Thanks a lot for a great game, and I truly appreciate all the hard work that went into developing it!