Increasing Vampirism Lifegain?

Discussion in 'Dungeons of Dredmor General' started by xfer777, Jul 16, 2011.

  1. xfer777

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    I noticed one game I seemed to be gaining 3-4+ HP each attack with vampirism. Normally you get 1-2 HP back per attack. Damage does not seem to increase lifegain from vampirism, so what does? Does the "healing rate" stat matter here?
  2. Leaf

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    I believe its based off of physical damage (piercing, slashing, crushing). As that increases, you seem to get a bit more health back per hit. Thats what i noticed anyway with my swordsman.
  3. VladdyLulz

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    It seems to me like it increases, as you attack, and goes down to the base amount the longer you go without attacking. Now, I am not positive about this, but I would heal 3 health, then at the end of, say, a Monster Zoo, I would be healing back about 10 health. Just what I have noticed.
  4. xfer777

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    That seems to be correct, I believe I noticed the increased healing during a monster zoo - I thought i was toast and backed myself into a corner (exposed on two sides). I just kept swinging and I could hardly be touched.

    Edit: Just had another monster zoo on a vamp character - this is correct - as you get more vampiric attacks in a row, you'll steal more health - this bonus healing will deteriorate if you don't attack (and get vampiric attacks) over time. This seems to occur at a fairly fast pace.
  5. mwoody

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    Are you sure the increases weren't procs, like berserking?
  6. xfer777

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    My character doesn't have berserking - so no.
  7. VladdyLulz

    VladdyLulz Member

    Okay, it is definitely a stacking buff, even if it does not show up. Doing a zoo, and started with healing 2, then an enemy comes up, dealing 20 damage, taking me to 18, of my 38 health, 1 hit restores me back up to 36, then my next hit healed me for slightly less, and then healed me for the full 22 or so. So it slowly increases, and when at the cap, it seems to fluctuate slightly. It might have gone down from a Dodge/Block, couldn't tell. And damage has not changed the value at all. Crits don't heal any more for me, and neither does procs of the Berserker passive.
  8. Aramis

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    This is a bug.
    When there is an enemy over a dead body (an ex-enemy) or more, you steal life from the dead bodies...
    So in a Zoo, it will be huge, until bodies disapear.

    And the life drain/attack depend on... your magical power.
    So if you wear plate armor... you'll steal 1 HP.
  9. mwoody

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    Oh crap. My favorite build, the result of a bug. That blows.
  10. Body

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    Really? That blows. I wish they would make the lifegain something simple like ~20% of crushing/piercing/slashing damage so that it can scale with you. Same thing with the second level vampirism ability, make it scale off mob hp %. Getting 4 hp back for a turn is pretty useless on the fourth floor
  11. mwoody

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    Wait, are you sure life drain is a spell power thing? I did some tests just now with different builds, and despite one character having twice the others' magic power, both drained roughly the same life at level 1 (usually 2, sometimes 1 or 3). Perhaps the effects are very slight, so it'll take higher level characters to notice, but I'm just curious if someone else has better data.
  12. skeena

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    if its a bug, only healing 3 health a hit and not being able to use health items is worthless.
  13. Rikkard

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    It's an early game kind of thing. It needs some scalability, but other than that it is pretty much Blood Magic. Trails off after a few floors, but is very useful early on.