In Development: Dary's Legend

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by Haldurson, Jun 25, 2012.

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    We found out about this game a month or two ago.
    There's a definite similarity there... including the UI placement being a lot of the same. (like the menu bars, including the lighted up letter). I'm sure it'll be a fine game though.
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    The minimap looks better, but the inventory is tiny and there are no certain skills or spells so far. There are a grand total of those four screenshots. I am not quite impressed yet.

    *Edit* I struck through the parts that were clearly in error.
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    Well of course it's a work in progress. I just thought it might be of interest.
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    Looks interesting to me so far, and this post is how I learned of it. :) Keep letting us know about it in this post if you are keeping tabs on it. I would like to know when it comes out and see how much it will cost me. I do like playing roguelikes. :D
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    I dropped the fellow a note back when this appeared and told him "right on" -- basically, the more games people make, the more fun is had, etc!

    (I don't want anyone giving him crap on our behalf, not at all, because he's making a "dredmorlike" or something. I don't actually know 'cause I haven't played it. I think it's great to see some aspect of our design decisions influence/inspire/whatever others to jump in and take it in some other direction, or give it a twist, or however it actually ends up.)
  7. The similarity in the early stage UI is striking, that's for sure. If GL is gung-ho about it, then certainly no reason to be annoyed on their behalf or something. DoD introduced me to Roguelikes with graphics, and another quality entry would be welcome.

    *looks at Hours played counter*

    Though perhaps bad for my productivity...
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    Hi everyone.

    I'm David, one of the 2 developers in Dary's Legend (coder).

    My Google Alerts just made me noticed this thread. For shame I didn't even had an account here so this is my first post.

    Right now we're working on the game and trying to give our personal touch to the genre. We've read the concerns about the similarities or "rip-off" attempts by some fans. We are not trying to do that and we even had a very brief (as dbaumgart mentioned) exchange of comments with GL staff. I wanted to make sure they were ok with it after the first comments showed up. They where very cool and at Different Pixel we are well aware that someone purely cloning something is not the way.

    Many core features may be similar, most of them tied in to the roguelike genre itself but we're giving it our personal touch.

    I hope that's ok to share a small teaser we made about a month ago, but most stuff is now different in our latest development build. We are pretty much changing/improving stuff everyday.

    Feel free to contact us or drop a line =)

    Twitter: @DJ_Link
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    Very cool. I'm looking forward to playing this game. I'm a long-time fan of rogue-likes, and I am thrilled at what I'm seeing happening with the genre.
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    The above is an example of extreme classiness. It has been brought to you by Gaslamp Games and Different Pixel, game studios of soon-to-be-legendary status. Take note, all ye webtrolls.
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    Hi David,

    Here's a question I would like answered. Will you be making it easy to mod? That is major concern to myself and many others here. Making a game moddable also makes the game have a long life and is better worth the purchase price in my opinion. I can then play mods after finishing the regular game thereby increasing the entertainment value of the game. It's great to see some other indie/professional roguelikes coming out. Cheers. :)
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    I would like to clarify that I was absolutely mistaken about the inventory size. That was a ?Chest? that I saw open in a screenshot. But checking the video shows it is a full sized inventory.

    I do not think anyone thinks you are stealing DoD's ideas. There are similarities, but DoD is a Roguelike. There were hundreds of Roguelikes before DoD too. Your integration of Roguelike aspects is beneficial to all other Roguelikes, DoD included.

    I wish you good winds and calm waters on your maiden voyage out of port!
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    About the mods, well, there's no official announcement about supporting mods right now, but I'll tell you this, most of the stuff is being kept in XML files or .INI files for easy configuration/tweak.

    Monster stats/powers are in human readable form, items chance, and even some GUI configuration is possible too. Most stuff is like that so that we can easily tweak values.

    Rooms (just the structure for now) are imported from Tiled Editor ( for example. I wrote a command line that batch convert it into something to feed the game.

    So although I'm not working towards full mod support right now It's perfectly possible to someone that has some knowledge to go ahead and hack some stuff away.

    Mods are on my list, I'm just focusing on other stuff right now. Opinions on what you guys like to be able to tweak are welcome.
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    Yeah, it was a bit misleading, the smaller one is indeed just a chest menu. The video shows the full inventory. We made that small Chest menu because we wanted to be possible to store an item on any chest and it will stay there until you remove it again. It's not a thing people will use much but it gives some consistency, you leave something there, it will stay there no matter where you go.

    Thank you for your kind words =)
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    Sounds cool. Definitely a good possibility to buy when it becomes available. I prefer to get games from sites like gog and such that don't have DRM in them so that I can install/uninstall them anytime I want with limited inconvenience. Hopefully I will see your game up for sale soon as it looks like a worthwhile project. Oh, the only DRM system that I really currently use is Steam so I suppose that is an okay option for me as well. Cheers and good luck.
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    I'm a huge fan of DRM-free games so you can most definitely count with one directly from us. I did that with our previous game "Vizati". Don't know about Steam, still to early for that I think.
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    Best of luck!
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    Damnit Steam.jpg

    Steam is being a bitch for the moment. I will try again later today and see if it decides to behave itself.

    I got it in finally. But after upvoting yours, it says you have 0% of the required votes. I am guessing Steam strikes again?

    Also, I found this that the Gaslamp crew may be interested in just for humor.
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    They probably have the required votes set pretty high right now, to try to keep people from mass-upvoting shitty breakout clones and stolen, reskinned copies of other games and all that trash.
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