Immediate impression: Widescreen/Some things too small

Discussion in 'Dungeons of Dredmor General' started by celt, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. celt

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    I've only booted things up, done the tutorials, and stuck my head in the game for about 15 minutes.

    My natural desire with games is to run them at the same resolution as my desktop, which is 1920x1200. I'm willing to change the game to a lower resolution, and did that with this game, eventually choosing 1440x900. Still, the main screen (the part with the main character walking around in the dungeon) is just fine. It might even be too big, but I'm fine with "too big".

    The status text rolling by in the top left, that feels miniscule. In fact, almost all of the text feels too small to me. Things like the item descriptions and other popups. I'd love to be able to crank up the font size.

    Also, the UI at the bottom center of the screen feels too small. I'm picking up decent sized objects from the main screen and dropping them into a teeny tiny little boxes. The spell icons feel puny and unidentifiable. Switching to the character screen to check my stats is the same.

    Please, give a way to pump up the font size and some sort of UI scaling slider would be awesome! I'd like to more than double the UI size without doubling *everything* (which is doable via screen resoultion).

    FWIW: The game looks clever and surprsingly deep. It looks like a tremendous creative effort. I'm sure I'll play it no matter what happens with fonts and UI. But if I could have everything. . . . =)
  2. Tekvorian

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    I agree about the text rolling. It would be nice to be able to resize it myself.
  3. shung

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    Yes! Please let UI scaling be an option.
  4. Noven

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    Loving it myself, and having fun, though this is one thing I'd like to see done. Not something I'd call a necessity, but, extremely convenient and fairly useful, I'd say.
  5. celt

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    I'd love to hear from someone official on this. Is any of this currently doable (like the font size)? Or could it be done in the future?