If You're Not Watching Tom Scott, You Should

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    Tom Scott is a kid (who graduated from college several years ago...damn, I'm almost old) that makes some seriously badass and fascinating YouTube videos. I found this channel, watched his stuff for like 2 straight hours with my wife, laughing our asses off the whole time, and then I looked at my wife and said "You know who needs to know about this? The Gaslamp Games forum."

    And she was like, "Right! Shit, we still need to get you that video card so you can start playing Clockwork Empires instead of Hearthstone, don't we?"

    And I nodded. Firmly.

    It will happen soon, I'm assured. In the mean time, here's a sample of why you (I'm looking at you, Haldurson. And Nicholas. And Ruigi. And Fax, if you still exist) should be interested in this dude:

    This is the stuff you wish you did in college, and it's probably actually more fun to watch than it was to do. Though really, making a massive public building spell out 'boobs' in Morse Code was probably pretty fun, all things considered. XD
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    Larry Niven deals with teleportation, and the change in momentum from teleporting between different places on the surface of Earth in Ringworld, and other related stories in his Known Space series. In the time of, and prior to Ringworld, the earth is covered with a network of teleport booths. Then again, Niven is famous for his scientific rigor in his writing (to the extent that when college physics students figured out that Ringworld would be unstable, he 'fixed it' in the sequel, Ringworld Engineers.

    I beleive in Algis Budrys's Rogue Moon, teleportation is not what it seems to be like -- things are not actually teleported, but the information is transferred, so a body in one booth is normally destroyed, and the information is sent, and used to reconstruct that body in a different booth (except that you can have a problem when you 'teleport' someone, and don't actually destroy the body on the sending side, so you wind up with two of someone). In the latter case, momentum isn't the issue, but I guess the uncertainty principle would be.
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