If you are having Save Game Problems w/1.1.1

Discussion in 'Dungeons of Dredmor General' started by Nicholas, Aug 1, 2012.

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  1. MythArcana

    MythArcana Member

    Same crashing problem here now with v1.1.1 complete (Desura version). Got to DL5 and I cannot continue the game. You can make progress by saving constantly, but it will crash within 45 seconds. I see there are a ton of hotfixes all over here, but not one single fix is for Desura users. I did read about the new v1.1.2 update in the works, but I'm honestly not optimistic about Desura getting it up quickly. I'm pretty close to walking away from this game until the very last final build - whenever that might be.
  2. Daynab

    Daynab Community Moderator Staff Member

    Not one of these fixes is on Steam either, FYI. These are all manual fixes. Install hotfix 10c and see if your problems go away.
  3. MythArcana

    MythArcana Member

    Thanks for the reply and the information, but it was not successful. I installed the following (overwriting all files after creating a backup first, of course):
    (I'm assuming that would be hotfix 10c; if not, please link me again).

    The save game will still crash within the first 20 turns or so no matter what I do. Even if I just tap the Spacebar, the game will freeze after so many turns and CTD. My character build is primarily fire-based if that helps.

    P.S. I had installed a hotfix prior (not sure which one) that was a single executable that did in fact require the Steam system - that's why I brought it up. This seems to install fine, but alas; yielding the same results prior to installation.
  4. Aegho

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  5. Melum

    Melum Member

    My game is working after deleting gaslamp games directory in My Documents, and applying hotfix10c. Very happy, thanks for all the hard work.
  6. MythArcana

    MythArcana Member

    Thanks so much for the rapid reply and link!

    I installed the hotfix 10c, but did not delete the user files because I'm trying to save my save game. Upon firing up the game I get this:


    The game does not crash, however, and proceeds to let me in and load my save game. I get much farther than usual (about 3 minutes), then CTD again. I guess I have to wipe the Gaslamp folder for this to work?

    P.S. I have DoD v1.1.1 complete - all expansions, but the YHTNTEP is still the TPB torrent version if that helps (no other access as a Desura user).

    EDIT: I restored my backup and I simply cannot find a helm_aethernaut.png file anywhere in my installation. I did a full search in the root folder - lots of helms, but not that one.

    EDIT 2: This was in the Diggle Gods itemDB.xml file. What version is Diggle Gods at?? Because the Desura standalone version is still STUCK ON v1.010!

    <!-- 1.1.0 items -->

    <item name="Aethernaut's Helm" iconFile="items/helm_aethernaut.png" special="1">
    <price amount="19052"/>
    <armour level="11" type="head"/>
    <secondarybuff id="9" amount="-5"/> <!-- edr -->
    <secondarybuff id="10" amount="5"/> <!-- armour absorption -->
    <secondarybuff id="7" amount="8"/> <!-- block -->
    <secondarybuff id="3" amount="-3"/> <!-- magic power -->
    <primarybuff id="2" amount="-2" /> <!-- NIM -->
    <resistbuff piercing="3" asphyxiative="20" toxic="10" aethereal="5" />
    <secondarybuff id="18" amount="-1" /> <!-- sight -->
    <description text="Worn by the most elite Order of Celestial Aethernauts, these helms protect their wearer from the ravages of the Void Between The Spheres." />


    It would appear that I do not have the current version of Diggle Gods and this is causing problems. I don't have the Desura client loaded and it is required for service requests. I guess I'll just have to wait 6 months for v1.1.2 over there. *sigh*

    EDIT 3: I took a png file, copied and renamed it and I have no complaints from the game now. I guess all I need is the actual helm_aethernaut.png file, but who knows what else is missing since my version is half a year old.

    EDIT 4: The game still crashes. I'm done.
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