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    Woot, thanks man!
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    I would love if they had a Bodhisattva skill tree, a pacifists based skill tree. With penalties for attacking anything. (Except demons and Dredmor himself, and counter attacks)

    Bodhisattva -You seek enlightenment, so that no one will ever suffer again, Except Dredmor... you hate that guy.

    Skills like
    Good Karma -- Thanks to your past life it is almost impossible to hit you. Plus you look fantastic. (lots of dodge, +5 stubborness, +10 sagacity.)
    Meditate -- Don't worry, all those monsters around you are just projections of your mind (more dodge, health/mana recovery, flashes of blinding light, gives 10ish exp for each turn you do not move and meditate. No cooldown.)
    Wheel of Knives -- Study of the sacred texts has granted you an aura of very sharp protection. (more dodge, surround attack that doesn't activate debuff, turns all enemies into cheese.) 30 turn cooldown.
    Tonglen - Breath in the suffering of those around you, breath out pure joy... sort of (More dodge, Surround attack that doesn't activate debuff, huge righteousness damage, damages self)
    Compassionate Death Blow - If he keeps trying to kill me he is going to end up in a hell realm! (Huge fire/righteousness damage to any monster that has hit you more then twice. (dodges don't count.) doesn't activate debuff.
    Undeniable attraction - You are so close to enlightenment that everything can sense it, people love you man!! (Free item when entering shops, monsters have a 10% chance to ignore your presence altogether, meditation experience doubled.)
    Enlightened one! -- You see it all, actually it is amazing it took you this long to understand. (More dodge, +4 sight, +5 health regen, +2 mana regen, +6 passive righteousness damage, no longer possible to have debuff occur, even when you attack something)

    Debuff - when you attack anything, (except dredmor) the following can occur
    First strike - surely you must have just slipped... (- 5 max health - 5 max mana 45 turns, stackable)
    Second strike - That couldn't have been a coincidence (-10 max health - 5 to all base stats. -20 to dodge chance stackable 90 turns)
    Vow breaker!! -- You took these vows for a reason ya'know... (-25 max health, -10 to all base stats -25 dodge chance, - 3 sight, you're on fire, corrupt all equipped items.)
    Each debuff can only happen if the buff before is in place. If you get to second strike for example, first strike would have 45 more turns added to it.

    The idea is to have a pacifist character that ignores monsters, and meditates a lot.
    +1 stubbornness for each skill level.
    +1 righteousness for each skill level.

    Anyways this is a skill tree I would love to see, would probably be really hard with the debuffs, but with a huge payoff once maxed out.

    I would love if someone would like to take on this project, I'd help in anyway I could!!
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    Hi, question again if someone would be so kind as to answer:
    I'm trying to create a skill for smithing that would make it more viable late game, so I came up with this:
    - <spell name="The Sharpening!" downtime="32" type="self" icon="skills/smithing2_32.png">
      <description text="The basic skills of every blacksmith! A great smith brings out the best of his goods, sharpen your bronze and steels to better cut up your foes, and even your mother's butter knife!" />
      <buff useTimer="0" self="1" attacks="5" stackable="0" stacksize="1" icon="skills/smithing2_64.png" smallicon="skills/smithing2_32.png">
      <effect type="buff" self="1" sprite="sprites/sfx/psionic_generic/psionic_generic" frames="5" framerate="60" sfx="craft_smithing" />
      <damagebuff slashing="2" slashingF="xxxxxxx"/>
      <anim sprite="sprites/sfx/arcA/arcA" frames="4" framerate="100" sfx="white" />
    So my main issue is the xxxxxxx. My concerns are outlined below:
    1. slashingF is currently only based on magic power, so not much I can do about that. I'll wait and see to whether or not that can change in the future, or reduce it to something simpler.
    2. Is it possible to detect the "level" of an item? If so, is it possible to use that value as valid input for a skill's damage, for example if I chose to cast "The Sharpening" while equiped with Doul's Possible Sword, which has a 10 Star rating, can I have have it deal +10 slashing damage?
    3. ^ if the above is not possible, is there currently a way to get say, a damagebuff="x*smithinglevel" where x is any number? or would that be syntaxically incorrect?
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    1. Yeah, can't really base it on anything else, unless you make it a physical attack.
    2. No.
    3. Also no.
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    Thanks, that's too bad I guess. I'll leave it on the backburner for now.
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    Got another question again, how would I code a spell that would leave a trail of stuff behind my character? Like for example, Blazing Trail, or Acid Trail, etc etc. In essence, I'd like to trigger an effect that would leave a mine like spell on the ground behind you after you've moved, and NOT deposit a mine spell when you aren't moving. Or is that not possible? I checked to see how Thaumite Infection and I'm not quite sure how it's done.
  7. I would like to know all the specifics for making an item sprite, because it seems like whenever I try to make one and add it, it crashes the game at start up.

    What I've gathered is that it has to be 32x32 pixels, and a transparent PNG. What am I missing?
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    PM Fax and ask him about indexing sprites. :)
  9. FaxCelestis

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    You're using GIMP, aren't you? GIMP's png indexer doesn't work right. Get mtPaint, open your image, convert to RGB, convert to Indexed, Save As... (not just Save, mind you), make sure transparency index is set to 0. That should fix it. mtPaint is boss for DoD sprites.
  10. I actually was having trouble even finding a good program for making sprites. Thanks for the help
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    I am definitely not a programmer, so first of all-- how easy/hard is it to mod dredmor for someone with no previous experience?

    Secondly, I have this idea for a skill tree based on shapeshifting or morphing or evolving. Maybe with some bad Animorphs/pokemon jokes in the tooltips or icons. I'm thinking:

    1. Ability that transforms you into a monster of the same type as the next one you hit. So if you attack an Animal type monster, you turn into a random animal. It doesn't matter which animal (diggle, diggle commando, etc) you get, you just get a basic bonus based on the monster type.
    2. Something silly, like "morphing around so much has made your face a bit....eugh". Something to do with magic resistance, maybe a passive buff, but you lose some hp permanently.
    3. Maybe a tie-in skill with the Mushroom tree.
    4. fasfdfsdfdsfsd who knows
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    Because regardless of the programming language used, programming is hard if you have absolutely no experience.
    You're going to see a lot of errors you'll have trouble identifying, and spend a lot of time trying to find them, only for them to be one missing comma or unclosed tag.
    But as you gain experience, even if said "experience" amounts to being able to create one new unique item for this game as a mod (pretty much the easiest mod to create), you'll start becoming more aware of what exactly is it that you need to pay more attention to. That's when things start becoming easier, and will get to the level of "pretty much a cakewalk" before you decide that you want a challenge and start creating something grander.

    Sure, why not. Lame jokes are what makes skills funny in this game, after all.

    I don't think it's possible at the moment; the only way for the game to differentiate between different monsters is by their taxa ("demon"/"animal"/"construct"/etc.).
    But basing it on the taxa to trigger buffs might not be a bad idea. Tricky to make balanced, that's for sure, but it might work.

    A passive buff skill, the, possibly with some procs. Not a bad idea for a starting modder, to be honest, as creating it isn't difficult and fine-tuning it will give you some additional experience.

    Runecaster is already created based on a similar principle, so it is definitely possible. And the results can be very fun.
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  14. FaxCelestis

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    Trying to figure out how to do iaido as an ability. I'm thinking a 1-attack buff that gives +100 critical and bonus damage, but there's nothing stopping you from using it mid-combat. Maybe some sort of targetHitEffectBuff that gives the target crit resistance, but I don't really know how to do that. Making it into a spell makes it so that I can give a targetHitEffectBuff that gives enough magic resist to cancel out the improved damage from an iaido strike, but it also makes traditional spellcasting easier to resist for the target. Doing the same with damage resist makes it so that once an enemy is damaged, they're harder to kill. So, a conundrum.
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    Have it decrease your dodge to 0 and make it fragile, perhaps?
    That way you could use it in combat only to get hit during the mobs' turn and lose the buff.
  16. FaxCelestis

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    Yeah, but that's not really what iaido is all about.
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    It doesn't matter because all that means is it can't be used in combat.
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    The problem with Iaido (which was originally my first level of Bushido until they stole the +100 crit 1-attack buff and gave it to Berserker Rage) is pretty easily solved by having it activate, say, a 5-turn paralysis on the player when you turn it on. That way, if they activate it in combat, they get raped, but if they activate it when they're safe, the 5 turns just whiz by in an eyeblink (See the first level of Chronology by J-Factor for a perfect example.)

    But then you have to deal with the fact that a superior version of the exact same skill exists in the core game, and wonder why you'd replicate it with a greater penalty in a mod. :)
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    Because lower cooldown and first level skill.
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    What Null said, of course a capstone skill would be better.

    ... Although Killing Blow still sort of sucks in general, as far as capstones go.