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    Great! There is all the descriptions at least. Maybe we can use them (with permission?) as quotes?
    But since you need pictures it's in to the game anyway!
  2. Alephred

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    Holy cows, the wiki is hopping! A few of you have been very prolific the last couple of days, keep up the good work!
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    Awesome stuff. From the Ammunition page:

    "Ammunition is bullets. Bullets go in guns. Guns kill fishpeople."

    Entertaining and informative!
  4. Rahbek23

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    I sat down the other day an wrote a whole bunch of stubs, so hopefully we can get it fleshed out. The stubs are just a place to start and everyone is welcome to add/rewrite them for more content or clarity.

    Also how do we go about pictures of food etc? I made a try Raw Fishperson Steak. What does people think of that?

    There's also a few places where we'll need to shore up the terminology and layout to makes sure everybody is on the same page. I'm sure we'll find out as we go though! :)
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  5. Alephred

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    Rahbek23: That Fishperson page is looking good. Nicely linked to other pages, and that screenshot is a good size, and captioned. On top of that, there's also the matter of the Raw Fishperson Steak icon (the one that appears in the Stockpile interface).

    To everyone: we have several dozen entries for resources, crops, and materials that could all use screenshots and in-game icons, if you're so inclined.
  6. Rahbek23

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    Added some pictures to: Lingonberry Bush, Hematite Node, Fishpeople, Black Cup Fungus; Malachite Node and Sphalerite Node. The last picture got a bit small, so I might redo that.
  7. S.H. Miller

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    I'll try harder to keep them all like that. :D
  8. Rahbek23

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    I was just pondering about the whole "what is what" in this game in regards to the wiki. So I thought I might aswell take it here and get it done: So the debate was about which items belongs in what categories and I made this test "item tree":

    Covers everything that can be put on the stockpile and as such eventually everything that would be able to be bought and sold in some sort of trade system.

    (Natural) Resources
    - Everything that can be harvested in some way in nature or their immediate state after harvesting such as Lingonberry bush, Malachite Node and Malachite.

    Processed Goods (Any better word(s)?)

    -Everything that has been processed by atleast one workshop such as Pies, Bricks and ammunition. Could possibly have Tiers so for instance Lingonberry preserves would be tier 1 and Lingonberry pie would be tier 2 to indicate how many times they have been through a workshop and as such an indication of how advanced your economy have to be to produce these items. (Sausages would probably be here even though we can't make them yet)

    So if we were to draw a venn diagram we'd see that Processed goods would be entirely covered by commodities, but resources would have a subset of items outside of commodities - their natural states. In my mind we would have a clear distinction between what is the gifts of Mother Earth and what the colonists have processed aswell as as a major subset indicating which items would possibly be tradeable when such a feature sees the light of day.

    To use Lingonberries as an example:

    - Lingonberry Bush (Resource)
    - Bushel of Lingonberries (Resource & Commodity)
    - Crate of Lingonberries (Processed Goods & Commodity)
    - Lingonberry Pie (Processed Goods & Commodity)

    Please give me your thoughts, and in particular any problematic items that you can think of, so that we can improve the wiki! :)
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  9. Alephred

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    Categories are great: the more the better, actually (but with a minimum of redundancy). Because of the way MediaWiki works, we can simply tag a given entry with whatever Category tag we think is appropriate, e.g.

    Lingonberry Pie
    [[Category: Processed Goods]]
    [[Category: Commodity]]

    S.H. Miller has done a great job tagging our myriad food entries with [[Category: Food]] and [[Category: Ingredients]] already. I like your proposed Categories, and I think the three you've suggested are a good start. My one concern is that we have a Resources category already, and I think also having Natural Resources might be confusing.
  10. Rahbek23

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    I agree about the resources one and that's why I had natural in a parenthesis :) we could just repurpose the resources one to fit this new resource definition. I mainly just wanted to have a few categories that have a.relatively clear definition as it really makes a wiki better!
  11. S.H. Miller

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    Sweet. Agree with all the things. Was out of town all weekend, so I was out of the loop! As many categories with an eye toward streamlining is a great philosophy for the Wiki. Any time you can search by category to save time is a bonus.

    For instance: I added ingredients to be anything food related that can also be used to make other food items. So even though Lingonberry Preserves is a processed food, it is also an indgredient in lingonberry pie. So the bushel of lingonberries is an ingredient, the preserves are an ingredient, and the pie is not because it is not used to make anything else. All of them are in the Food category. We can also add the Commodities category now with an eye toward whatever trade system might become available.

    The wiki is shaping up nicely! I'll try and get more work done on it soon even though my life is being sucked in 3 directions toward school, Beyond Earth (it takes so much...), and this. :D
  12. Rahbek23

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    Haha well I have been busy as well, but I see a little free time coming up and wanted to do some tagging on the wiki as it is indeed a great way to quickly let people find the information They're looking for!
  13. S.H. Miller

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    Ok, got to work tonight on some updating. I focused on:

    • Thumbnails of things like a Sulphur Node
    • Created a new Weaponry category
    • Tagged more objects with the correct existing ones or new ones
    I'll keep working on it!
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