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    tl;dr - If you want to contribute to the wiki, but can't be arsed to learn wiki formatting, put it here, and I will cut, paste, format and upload it for you.

    My fellow forumites:

    There is a already a great wealth of potential content for the official wiki, now we just need to get it in there. I've created and cross-linked a bunch of (mostly food-related) entries, but they're mostly stubs. Probably the best thing for us to do is to enter information into the wiki, directly. It's only slightly more involved than posting on the boards here.

    Help me help you (you had me at 'Fishman'):

    I realize editing a wiki is not everyone's cup of tea, however, and this is what I'm proposing: put your entries in this thread, and I (hopefully, some other handsome wiki-proficient forumites will also step up) will wiki-fy them and enter them for you. When I say 'wiki-fy', I mean I will make sure articles are cross-linked, properly formatted, and, where necessary, properly categorized (trees vs. tree, lingonberry bush vs. lingonberry, etc.). I'm hoping that removing a step will encourage more contributors.

    Here's How:

    To make life easier for wiki editors: please indicate that your post is intended as a wiki entry in the first line (i.e. "This is my wiki entry for Charcoal:"). If there are multiple entries on a subject, I intend to collect them on the same page - editing this stuff down can come later.

    As per the quote from Citizen, above, this would be a great place to post your starting-game build orders (again, the best way to contribute them to the wiki is to post them in there yourself). I'm going to whip up a wiki page for Getting Started, or Starting Guides, or somesuch, wiki-fy and collect them there. If you have a title for your guide, please include it - this is probably the only place where it's appropriate to include your name (or whatever alias you want to use) so it can be credited to you, i.e.:

    * Ghin's Joy of Cabbage,
    * The Colonial Gourmet: Samut's Guide to Eating Regularly, or
    * Xyvik's 1001 uses for Fish Heads
    * Bootlaces and Tree Bark: Surprisingly Tasty, by Andouce.

    I'm following this post with a couple of examples:
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  2. Alephred

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    This is my proposed wiki entry for Hematite Node. It doesn't have to be elegant, for now, just a stub with places for cross-links and screenshots:

    Hematite Node

    Hematite Nodes are the only naturally-occurring sources of [Iron Ore]. They appear as rocky outcroppings with red-brown veins. [Iron Ore] can be obtained from [Hematite Nodes] by creating a [Mine Surface Node] job on them. [Iron Ore] can be refined into [Iron Ingots], which are used in a wide variety of construction and manufacturing projects.


    See? Super easy. The various uses of Iron Ingots can probably be listed on that particular page, rather than the Hematite Node page. And now we have a stub. If someone else had submitted this, I would copy-paste it into the wiki, and make sure all the links work.
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  3. Alephred

    Alephred Royal Archivist for Queen And Empire

    This is my build-order guide:

    Alephred's Guide to Sightseeing in the New World: Pocket Edition

    1. Immediately zone 2 plots for farming, at maximum size (6x6) - Zones and Construction > Farm. Pick your favourite food crop (i.e. [Pumpkin Vine], [Wheat], [Cabbage Plant]). [Opium Poppy] is not a good choice for basic sustenance.

    2. Start collecting wood from the nearest clump of [Trees] - drag a rectangle around some trees > Chop Down.

    3. Start gathering any visible forage-ables ([Lingonberry Bushes], [Black Cup Fungus]). Drag a rectangle around them > Forage. Foraging [Exotic Caviar Clutches] is inadvisable when starting a new colony, as it will provoke violent reprisals from [Fishmen].

    4. Begin construction on a [Carpentry Workshop]. Buildings > Carpentry Workshop.

    5. If any [Rhyolite Boulders] are visible, mine a small number of them (1 or 2) for [Rough Stone Blocks]. This will make Step 7 easier. Select Boulder > Mine Rhyolite Boulders.

    6. As the [Carpentry Workshop] is being built, scout the visible map for additional resources with Explorers and your Military crew. Commands > Explore.

    7. When the [Carpentry Workshop] is mostly finished, queue up a few (4 or 5) [Planks] for manufacture.

    8. Begin construction of a large [Kitchen] (Buildings > Kitchen), large enough to accommodate 4 Ovens. Although your initial drop contains materials sufficient to build 4 [Small Ovens], I prefer to build 2 [Small Stone Ovens] and 2 [Small Ovens] instead, as this conserves precious parts for more advanced buildings

    9. When the [Kitchen] building is assembled, and at least one Oven has been installed, queue up a large number (~40) of food production jobs. If you don't want to micromanage food selection, you can order [Stew], which will be cooked as ingredients become available.

    At this point, your colony will be able to feed itself for the immediate future, and further development may proceed at your own discretion.


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  4. Viion

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    Very nice initiative. Two thumbs (and a bronze spanner) up :)
  5. Samut

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    Great initiative, Alephred. I fully intend to post some items here when I have time.
  6. Alephred

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    Does anyone know if there's a file with Food Values I can view somewhere in the installation? It'll make keeping the wiki's food entries current much easier.
  7. dbaumgart

    dbaumgart Art Director Staff Member

    ( look for "food.edb" )
  8. Alephred

    Alephred Royal Archivist for Queen And Empire

    Thank you, that's very helpful. Now I don't have to cook one of everything and write it all down in Notepad. :)

    I have one quick question re: steak .. do Beetles and Aurochs drop 'Raw Beetle Steak' and 'Raw Aurochs Steak' respectively, or do they both still drop undifferentiated 'Raw Steak'?
  9. Samut

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    I believe that's listed in animals.edb.
  10. Alephred

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    Ah, found it in animal.edb. That extraneous 's' threw me for a sec.

    So Giant Beetles and Aurochs output the same Raw Steak, for now.
  11. theseeman

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    I am excited to help. I will be able to contribute a fair amount in a week.

    How much info should we publish about the unspeakable things?
  12. Alephred

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    I'm of the mind that anything that appears (or could plausibly appear) during an actual gameplay session is fair game for the wiki. That means that hints of future things contained in the .edb and .xml files are speculation, and not really appropriate for the wiki. That's my 2 cents, obviously, anyone can edit the wiki as they wish.
  13. dbaumgart

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    (Surely there are spoiler tags? I recall the DF wiki has/had? a whole category for "Hidden Fun Stuff".)
  14. Alephred

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    Highlight to view potential spoiler text.

    My personal style is not to include things like the Trilobite, Wooly Aurochs, and Obeliskian Servitor, because they haven't been implemented in the game, and I only know about them because I was poking around in the game files. When they're added in, the wiki can be edited to reflect this, surely?

    A useful distinction is what is, in-universe, acknowledged by the Empire or not.

    I suppose we need to clarify what sort of things need a spoiler warning - the 'official' literature of the Ministry of the Exterior ( or whatever it's called) refers directly to Cults and Fishmen, for instance, so I assume that's general knowledge. But does the Empire officially recognize Quag'goroth or Obeliskian Servitor?

    I would expect the wiki, as an out-of-universe player resource, to have entries for all those things. But maybe to attach a spoiler to those last two?

    Spoilers are traditionally applied to elements whose revelation will spoil enjoyment of the plot. In an open-ended game, what sort of stuff gets spoilered?

    p.s. Does this forum have that bit of code that lets me black out spoiler text instead of giving it an entire new line? [spoileri] and [spoiler-box] don't seem to work.
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  15. theseeman

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    This might be esoteric and un wiki but if the Ministry does not recognize it as existing that article or subsection could be written in semi maddened language or uncertain language.
    Shovels are useful and handy to any colonist.
    Some colonists have written about seeing floating blocks with tentacles that can kill a man but subsequent inquires were greeted with cheerful postcards that apologized for flights of fancy.
    Blood shrines may be built of wood or stone but blood for the blood god!

    not sure if I am conveying what I mean here. I'm not sure how much the wiki is in universe vs player resource. I would hate to have too many surprises given away to a player just trying to find out how to make food.
  16. Alephred

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    Well, if in doubt, include it in the wiki. We can always spoiler it out later.
  17. Viion

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    Not sure how it works in the wiki (never actually edited one) but I do like how it's in this forum where you can hide entire sections behind the
    so it hides text like this
    . My preference is to avoid hiding parts of sentences since it looks "untidy". I far prefer the either a whole page/section dedicated to (as previously mentioned as hidden fun stuff) "Utter nonsense that no bureaucrat in his right mind believes" or as an hidden section.

    Info about items:
    Item A, cost to prduce, durability, Who's eligible to use it
    Item B, cost to prduce, durability, Who's eligible to use it
    Item C, cost to prduce, durability, Who's eligible to use it
    Item D, cost to prduce, durability, Who's eligible to use it
    Item E, cost to prduce, durability, Who's eligible to use it
    Item F, cost to prduce, durability, Who's eligible to use it
    These items are said to be in game, but who believes the mad ramblings of the guy that came out of the jungle last week?
    Item G, cost to prduce, durability, Who's eligible to use it
    Item H, cost to prduce, durability, Who's eligible to use it
    Item I, cost to prduce, durability, Who's eligible to use it
  18. Alephred

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    Food and foodstuffs are mostly complete (if a little bit terse)! Feel free to go in and polish up an entry that needs it. Screenshots and pictures would be particularly great.

    I've been considering tackling Workshops for the Official Wiki, and I'd like to encourage my fellow forumites to consider contributing entries for modules and decorations. Each individual module or decoration only needs a very brief entry (function, materials, details), but there are a ton of them. It's quite quick and easy to get one or two done in a few minutes, whenever you have time, and it will help immensely. As always, if you don't want to edit the wiki directly, you can post them here, and I'll format, cross-link, and enter them for you.

    Example entry:

    [Ceramics Kiln]
    For use in a [Ceramics Workshop]. Required to bake a [Clay Block] into a [Brick]. Building it requires 2x [Iron Plates] and 3x [Bricks].

    This gives the wiki places to link entries for the workshop, clay, bricks, and iron plates.
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  19. mrclint

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    Can I see what, for example, the cooking pots do and requires somewhere in the game files?
  20. Alephred

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    You can try poking around in Program Files > Steam > steamapps > common > Clockwork Empires > scripts > entity

    Open up those .edb files with a plain text editor (like Notepad). modules.edb does not have construction requirements, but it has some other relevant details. I haven't given much time to it, but I haven't been able to find building requirements quite yet.