I survived Diggle Hell

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    They said it couldn't be done unless you were totally pimped out and at max level with all sorts of stuff to your name. They said you'd be owned by Vlad Digula if he caught you. They said that Demon Diggles would shove their odd, rubbery nasal appliances up your rear end. They said that you'd be mad to try it out at your level.

    At level 17, I beat Diggle Hell. No Vlad Digula, unfortunately. Granted I'd still be a dead man without the encrusted archmage robe and rail launcher, and the other half-decent equipment I'd cobbled together in the interim, and it still cost me about a half dozen healing potions and the same amount of cheese sandwiches, and a hell of a lot of bolts, but I won.

    What did I get for my troubles, you ask?

    ...... a shitty randart that might have been useful 10 levels ago.

    So yeah, such is the story of my foray into Diggle Hell. such as it is, at least.
  2. The first time i went into diggle hell, i got my hands on the most powerful sword in the game. Then i died a few steps later. The RNG does funny things, lawl.
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    Thirsty Diggles, Diggle Harbringers, and Rogue Diggle Scientists can all die in the same fire as far as I'm concerned at this level. Apart from those things, I had less of a hosed up situation on my hands than I'd expect.
  4. You lucked out on Vlad, essentially. I found i could kill everything up until him. I could actually "hurt" him, but didn't have the supplies to finish the job. That meant i had to get around him somehow, and the RNG just didn't let me do that without losing aggro. So i couldn't play ring around the roses to clear out rooms one by one.
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    Most of Diggle Hell isn't all that bad surprisingly. If you can handle Muscle Diggles then their demonic cousins aren't much worse. Everything else is fairly easy to deal with, though Diggle Harbingers can be very dangerous if you don't kill them quickly.

    So Diggle Hell is quite doable starting around level 15 or perhaps even a bit earlier with a healthy dose of caution.

    This is all assuming that Vlad doesn't show up.
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    The biggest problem with Diggle Hell is when you first arrive. It's quite possible to be surrounded by far more Diggles you can handle the instant you get in. If you can survive the first room, then you should be able to survive anything else in there bar Vlad.
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    Vlad himself isn't much challenge with proper preparation. Bring plenty of AA to handle the diggles, then for Vlad use a Sonic Wand and some Clockwork Sawblades. On Going Rogue he went down in no time. Chug an invisibility potion if he gets too close, back up, repeat.
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