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  1. Kazeto

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    That's what people get for not using Lesser Syzygy...

    Also, congratulations for finding "The Mathematical Water Park" full of lava, banjo2E.
  2. banjo2E

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    The mouseover text for The Stars Aligned mentions "elestial" energies.

    le sigh
  3. OmniaNigrum

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    They were running over-budget and decided not to fully institute the cosmos. Thus elestial... :D
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  4. SkyMuffin

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    Banana the Hutt description: "loneshark" should be "loanshark"
  5. Average Joe

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    "Aim" should probably not be capitalized, unless this line is meant to be poetic?
  6. Alistaire

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    Lederhosen - The german are a strange people.
    Voltaic Cell - A shocking device first created by the Wizard Tesla, it can be used store and discharge voltaic energies.

    'The german are strange people', 'wizard Tesla' and 'it can be used to store and discharge'..?


    Potion of Steeling - A weighty gray fluid sulks coldy at the bottom of this flask.

    'sulks coldly' I guess.
  7. banjo2E

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    ...Lederhosen used to be "The Germans are a strange people." I'm sure of it. (And this is grammatically correct; "people" can be used as a synonym of "tribe" or "nation".)
  8. Average Joe

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    (1) Chalked scrawl on the dungeon wall: "It READ 'What does being fair have to do with anything?'"

    (2) Not exactly a typo, but very awkward: When mousing over the experience bar, it says: "You have X out of Y of the experience needed to gain your next level."

    Maybe change it to : "You have X out of the Y experience needed to gain your next level."

    Would streamline it and make it read better, imho.
  9. Loerwyn

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    I fail to see the typo or error here.
  10. Average Joe

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    It should say "It readS ..." and not "It read..."
  11. Loerwyn

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    That's less a typo than a bit of pedanticism along the level of draft/draught with relation to the text for candles.

    Do the others say readS or read?
  12. Average Joe

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    Pedanticism? Hardly. Draft/draught is a spelling variant, not a typo. Reads/read is gramatically wrong, so I took it as a typo.

    The verb form "It" is third person singular, so you don't use "read" with it, which is a plural verb form.

    Moreover, some of the other chalk graffiti on the dungeon walls have "It says" when informing you of what it says, instead of "It reads." Putting "read" there is a typo.
  13. Loerwyn

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    "It read" is a perfectly valid bit of grammar, especially in relation to future and past tenses "It will read" and "it (once) read" make sense. So, the graffiti could have read "blah blah blah". Maybe it's faded? Who knows! But it can make sense as it currently is.
  14. dbaumgart

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    I'm all about having grammar and spelling absolutely, pedantically correct! (There are a number of intentional archaic or made-up phrasings/words, of course.)

    ... and fixed a bunch of small things for the next patch. I can't believe how long some of these have been in there.
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  15. Average Joe

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    I'll agree to disagree, then. In my opinion, "It read" makes no sense whatsoever. I am exploring the dungeon in the present, not in the past, and the point of the tooltip is to inform me, not my character. Taking "read" in the past tense is absurd, because I am reading it right NOW. :)
  16. Loerwyn

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    The sentence "Once upon a time, it read 'Diggles Are Awesomesauce', but time's passage faded it to little more than a blemish on the wall" makes perfect sense ;)

    That's the joy of the English language. Half of our tenses look the same.
  17. Average Joe

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    Spelling error in Hyperborean Potion tooltip: The description says the potion crackles "cooly" but it should be "coolly."
  18. DavidB1111

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    Perhaps it should have read, :) "It once read." then that would make more sense.

    The English Language is very complicated. Just ask my former English Teacher mother. :)

    It's a very unusual word, only valid in past or future tense by itself. Can never be used in the present by itself. :) I don't know how many words are like that.
  19. If not for the fact that everything else possible in the game uses the present tense, I could agree.
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  20. SkyMuffin

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    Looking back at this, I kind of like the typo. I imagine a very lonely shark monster. It would be great except Banana the Hutt is a bush.