i don't understand the hate for dredmor's graphics

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    I like Lorr's "rating system" but personally, I have an extra category. BGM and Sound effects. Music is a huge part of a game's immersion for me. DoD does that very well (big props to who did the pocket dimension music. It's amazing).
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  2. FaxCelestis

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    Even tilesets frequently run into the colorblindness problem.
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    This is a common problem. Playing Nethack/Slash'Em I tried the tiles, but found the regular ASCII easier to follow. And like Fax, half the time I was unable to tell what color things were. Especially when there were different yet similar things in sight. I wasted hundreds of hours looking at each square of the visible map while playing, for fear that the thing I thought represented a weak kobold was actually an imp that could cast fire bolts to burn my scrolls and such. (That is just an example. Not really a valid one even. But you get the idea.)

    Deeper games like that force a paranoid play strategy. And being able to clearly identify what is visible at all times is invaluable.

    Because of that paranoia, tiles are worse to play with in my never humble opinion.
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    I actually count music and SFX as part of the presentation category but I do understand that its a big enough section that some people may want to seperate it out.
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    If I have any problems with recognising colours in DF, I just check what colour it is in the colour palette. It can be time-consuming sometimes, but it does work and that is what counts.
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