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    ... but I thought I'd put it out there, but first with some background.... I play Clockwork Empires pretty much every day. Almost to the complete exclusion of other games. I find it terribly engaging, even when I know I am going through the same basic motions each time I start a new colony (which I do terribly often).

    But do I do this because the game, as it currently stands, is that good? Or do I do it because I can sense what an incredible experience it is becoming with each new version?

    I mean we all know that we are just seeing the tip of the iceberg with the current version. There are so many other mechanics we just get hints of right now.

    But we play for the now, or do we play for the next?
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    I am like you. I shall at some point launch CE to play however each game, and going through the process of building a colony is different for me. Each playthrough. And every experimental build that is pushed I am dying to try and see what is next. It is getting better and better. And the rate at which these updates are being pushed, along with the fixing and features in most of them are very very good indeed.

    As I said on a comment in Steam to others. Look at Folktale. They have developed that game in EA for what 2 years? and they are only on build 23......CE is on 42 and is coming on pretty much every week, nevermind every month or so :) They have a great foundation and working base, devs and community orientated which is key to success!

    Only a few games in EA I actually like. Prison architect, rimworld and this. All of them have had a successful (or will) program in terms of how they are developing and weekly updates - monthly main build system works a charm. They are community orientated and always working with us to improve and make our points heard! :)