I believe I have a few reasonable suggestions...

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by marsgreekgod, Jul 31, 2011.

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    First I want to say that I truly love this game. You all made a fantastic game you should be proud of. I love the sense of humor and don't ever lose it.

    My first suggestion would to work on the scoring system. I'm sure you know that the steam leader-boards have hackers (180 billion points on permanent death mode???) and that some sort of validation process for scores is needed. I believe that you could market this game as a competitive game if you revamped the scoring system. I think that if you could only place a high score on permanent death mode would help, since people can reload the game by shutting it down and reloading to maximize point possibilities on non-permanent death mode. I'm not just suggestion this for myself, I truly believe if you could encourage people to play competitively you could really boost sales.

    My second suggestion would to make a so you can play the game without a mouse and just a keyboard. I play the game on a laptop and find it difficult to use the mouse and the keyboard at the same time. I know I can just use the mouse but my laptop touch pad isn't very easy to use for video games.

    Thats all! Thank you for creating a wonderful game. I would buy DLC in a heartbeat, and look forward to your future games!
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    They're working on making the entire game not require a mouse (save for a few things like inventory management). They started it in 1.0.3, and if you check the Laundry Day list, you'll see quite a few other things being added to Keyboard.
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    At the moment, the scoring seems to be largely based on experience gained. Players can go in a modify how much experience monsters give, which explains the leaderboard scores.
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    What in the world. I never made a post called this. Is there.. is there some other marsgreekgod?
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  6. This is a problem of the forum. see this link

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    This is what I want to hear, I really want full keyboard access so I can open doors, and use the skills on the skill bar with it. Save on carpal tunnel!
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    Even without XML hacking, you can accrue arbitrary amounts of experience thanks to new monsters spawning. It just takes much longer. Some builds may even be able to hold out indefinitely against the Dread Collectors, which, while hard to kill and only worth 20XP apiece, can be fought on automatic to some extent with psionic's Force Push. Though I've yet to find a setup where I didn't eventually take damage from corpse explosion, if you had sufficient health regen that should be a non-issue.