Humble Bundle V

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by Daynab, May 31, 2012.

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    Monks are in Vanilla NetHack, and aside from the annoyances with vegan conduct and getting intrinsics from corpses they are excellent at surviving. Wishing for the Tourist quest arti is a great idea - it does FAR more than pick locks. It confers magic resistance and can recharge any item that has charges. Wishing for it cross-alignment will only result in suffering blasting damage every time you attempt to pick it up, and it will refuse to stay in your inventory.
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    Clearly my memory is not so good. I could have sworn that vanilla has no Monk class available.

    It has been too long I guess. I may have to play it again and see if I can recall the details.
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    Man you guys know more than me.
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    Dungeons of Dredmor = 136 hours and counting.
    Hack,slash,loot = 8 minutes,uninstalled.

    if i didnt get it in an indie bundle i would be asking for my $$$$$ back,more baffling is that its actually more expensive than DoD at 7 dollars on steam!

    the one im really looking forward is Desktop Dungeons, i played the hell out of the alpha version,beat every challenge and unlocked everything,cant wait for the full release =)
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    Actually, the Complete DoD Pack is now $7.49 or something like that. The sale ended I guess. I still have a half dozen copies from that amazing sale. Too bad more people did not realize how much joy they can have for a little money.

    HSL was something I played a while ago. I hated it from the beginning. It gives Roguelikes a bad name.

    *Edit* DoD is $4.99. RotDG is $2.99. There is a whopping $0.49 discount for the complete pack.
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  6. Daynab

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    So I finally got around to playing S&S from the bundle, and though I'm not an adventure game fan this is fantastic. The atmosphere is amazing and I'll definitely play it all.

    Give it a try if you skipped it.

    The lo-fi graphics really look good in action too.
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    They do, they do. It's a stunningly beautiful game. I don't think the gameplay (that dreaded word) is particularly great, though. I'm over halfway through the game but I really struggle to make myself play it over the other games in my library.