hp calculation bugged?

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Kemo, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. Kemo

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    I checked tooltips and it says that a higher Burliness value will increase your maximum hp. But when I played around with different starting skills I noticed that I ended up with the least amount of hp when I went full warrior skills totaling 14 Burliness at lvl 1.

    hp values with different Burliness values:

    Full warrior 14 Burliness = 19 HP
    Full rogue 8 Burliness = 26 HP

    Either I miss some important part of the hp calculation or Burliness is not the base stat for hp which makes playing as a melee oriented char much more of a pain.

    Edit1: due to the stat bug lvling from lvl 1 to 2 as full warrior grants 2 max hp, as a wizard you get 3 hp. This is just wrong.

    Edit2: According to wiki: The choice of the 7 starting skills plus the allocation of the first 7 skillpoints have a very interesting effect. You get additional 6/8/10 primary stats depending on which subclass the skill belongs to (warrior/rogue/wizard). Which means that you can get up to 14x4 = 56 more primary stats by choosing wizard only skills which is huge. Basically everyone that picks warrior skills and raises them early game is screwed over big time.
  2. Econael

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    that should be the other way around!
  3. Noven

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    Huh... was just making a mage, and I thought my health was oddly high lol
  4. mwoody

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    Wow, what the hell; that's pretty daft. This does answer why my melee focused characters have a tendency to be paper-weak.

    That little rogue/mage/warrior bar is just generally odd and poorly explained, especially in the absence of a manual.
  5. Lactose

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    Its probably to compensate for how bad mages are early on. But I do think they need to adjust this.
  6. Econael

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    yeah well, mages have less HP in every other game but they make it by kiting or some other means early on
  7. mwoody

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    I've just been playing around with this, and I can definitely confirm it. It explains why my other attempts at mages, which were focusing on one school of magic, were doing so tremendously poorly; I couldn't figure out how other people were making a pure magic build work.

    The answer is it really does have to be a PURE magic build. You have to select from _only_ leylines, blood magic, magic training, wand specialty, and the magic schools. You'll end up with ridiculous stats, as as much as 50 mana to start. It's so broken you could probably make quite a fighter like this.
  8. Incendax

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    There is nothing wrong with wizards getting 10 points per level, since their spell trees tend to give no statistical increases at all. However, the HP issue is pretty darn buggy.
  9. Econael

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    @mwoody that'll explain why my pure mage was my strongest char so far
  10. Rikkard

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    Syzygy and Celestial Aegis give pretty crazy stat increases. Meatshield is pretty nice too.
  11. Econael

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    Celestial Aegis doesn't hold long in the lategame, I loose it immediatley in every encounter

    Syzygy is nice
  12. Rikkard

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    It isn't meant for melee characters, or at least non-counter based ones.
    Almost every melee buff I've seen lasts 4-5 hits.
  13. Kemo

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    At least the hp part makes absolutely no sense.

    And, in my opinition, the 56 stat advantage is kinda ridicolous too. Assuming the wiki is correct in stating that you get these bonuses to primary stats for the first 7 skillpts the difference between full wiz to full war from a wiz perspective would be:

    -14 Burliness
    +14 Sagacity
    equal Nimbleness
    +28 Caddishness
    +28 Savvy
    equal Stubborness

    Basically, wizards get every secondary stat other than melee power higher or on the same level as warriors just by being a wizard while most of these secondary stats are actually more important for melees than for casters.

    It may be true that most of the wizard skilllines do not grant additional statbonuses but most of the active abilities/buffs plus the occasional resistances (!) outperform some mere +1/+2 passive bonus by far. Additionally, magic is ranged too.

    This system is imo a bad incentive that makes picking wizard skillines even as a warrior oriented character viable -or worse- a must have just because you get tons of stats out of it.
  14. Lokloklok

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    While i enjoy playing a diverse character i cant help but feel that the rogue and warrior part of my character are getting screwed. The fact that im receiving more hp from my wizardry is kinda loopy.
  15. Rhaegor

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    I would say this is a top priority to fix.
  16. dbaumgart

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    Oh, boy. Looking into it.
  17. Paidprinny

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    I noticed equipping a ring with caddishness seemed to increase my maximum life.

    Edit- I also noticed that adding extra Burliness didn't do that much for my maximum life.
  18. ProperFish

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    That DOES explain the squishy-ness of most my characters. Bah!
  19. Rhaegor

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    Is this being corrected?
  20. Ratha

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    Listed in the patch notes for 1.04 - FIXED: Warrior health (and other things) were not being calculated correctly.