how many diggle gods are there?

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    Gah - Dredmorpedia does a poor job of URLing the various sub-pages(likely its only failing) - Spells section, page D, Diggle God Of (insert whatever) Blessing. it lists them all.

    And over a comparably short run like a single game of DoD, it can very easily seem like a 50% goes off constantly. And I dealt with Death's regen debuff by having stockpiled 52 Cheesy Omlettes by that point, and also by having Essence's wonderful Bushido skill tree - the second skill is a proc-on-being-hit that heals 2 HP a turn and gives some defensive buffs for a short time. Regen does have a cap - +12 health regen gives you 1 HP/turn "natural" regen, which is the max. When Death-blessed, you need a total of 37 - 12 base, +25 to overcome the debuff. And Vampirism actually goes VERY poorly with ANY proc-on-hit - if the other procs kill the critter before Vamp's proc can hit, you leech no health, and if the vamp hit kills the creature, you leech 1. It also fares vary poorly due to a questionable recent design choice - Constructs, Vegetables, and Undead all provide no leech and take no damage from Vampirism, and Demons and Other take and provide half as much as Animals - though in the case of Other typed monsters, it may as well be "none" since they universally have monstrous Piercing resist, which is the damage type Vampirism's proc is - and if it's entirely resisted, no health comes back to you.

    A playtip: Don't count on natural Regen if you're playing melee. it will NOT save you - at best, capped natural regen can ensure you're topped up for the next fight if you're not badly mauled in the current one, but mid-combat, 1 Hp/turn is literally nothing, especially in the deeper levels when enemies can dole out hits of 20+ through armor and heavy resists. Cosbian Horrors are brutal, as are Aether Oddities and Pectinous Tesseracts - all capable of doling out huge damage of hard-to-resist types (Aetherial, Existential, and Transmutative, with a healthy side of Crushing). Stockpile Cheesy Omlettes - they're the best bang-for-buck for food stack, and only require an Ingot Press and a Grinder for inventory space. And make sure you always have a fallback plan - as has been said many a time, the path to victory in DoD remains "open range, open fire".
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    HP regen IS capped at 1 per turn IIRC.
  3. Thanks Sniktch,

    Yeah, it was only my second time playing DoD so I was basically near invincible in the dungeons, but zoo's could really cause problems, and also Evil Chests spawning monsters that can 4 hit kill me. I made it out alive once with 3HP running from an Evil Chest monster. When I got to that statue and got the -25HP Regen it was really really bad timing since I had not prepared for such a thing.

    With all my block/resist, etc.. the 1HP regen a turn was still not enough in long battles, but even in some of the zoo's my HP would still hover up at max due to proc. some other buffs and getting extra Absorption+Block, etc.. But I realized that getting extra Regen past +1HP per turn was wasted.

    That sucks to hear about Vampirism it would be pretty fun to be able to keep the death blessing on without eating food.

    And I'll check J-factor under spells and see what they all do, as for the fleshbore, I know 50% can really seem like every turn, but it was literally every turn, I would just watch the fleshbore proc stack up with each hit on every monster, the FIRST hit though wouldnt always trigger, oh and also the % of trap disable seemed to be bugged to, it seemed almost like a timing thing, like if I click on a trap that I have say 45% to disable, and click it fast, it would not disarm the trap 45% and it was consistent throught the dungeon, so this may be the case with fleshbore since I am hitting one right after the other (game clock timing) so I dont know how they are seeding the randomness, but it was every single enemy, stacking up with each consecutive hit. Again "seemed" in a random scenario obv. can be results oriented, but Im just asking for people to pay attention, see if its just me, or if something is bugged.
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    AFAIK, they use the Mersenne twister random number generator, which is simple, memory-efficient...and sometimes prone to streakiness and clumping. And trap disarming is notoriously finicky - but you need precisely 9 trap skill to disarm any trap safely, or 10 to recover any recoverable trap.
  5. Streakiness and clumping sound right from what I experienced and over time Im sure the % is correct, the 50% proc fleshbore though... that was just far too consistent once the first one proc. I plan on playing through again soon, so I will keep a watch on this, I wonder if in a stealth build if you could make your way to the diggle srhines, get a blessing and come back to clear everything, wonder if thats possible, maybe I'll try lol.

    Yeah towards the end of the game I had enough gear that I could disarm all the traps, it was a pain equiping my disarming gear though, but I think the belt bug will be fixed soon enough, then if they would let you right click swap out shields it would be easy. I did disarm most traps in the dungeon, I would also let things block the inferno gargoyles or whatever, and keep disarming the trap and failing (without my gear on) its a fun way to kill something if you have everything lined up.
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    The only time I've ever actually beat Dredmor / the game, I was using the God of Death buff. It's a heck of a double-edged sword, but it's really potent if you can manage some sort of healing affect or a lot of omelets. It kills monsters real good.
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    So far I've only sided with the gods of Death and Fertility, and both are f*cking strong. The character had staves,swords, dual wielding, promethean, blood magic, smithing and alchemy. The death clouds are WMDs, the death god makes you squishier but you kill monsters just by looking funny at them. Then I switched to the fertility god, and was able to go toe-to-toe with anything. Killed dredmor fair and square.

    Who cares if the death god annihilates your regen? Just eat everything in sight!