how many diggle gods are there?

Discussion in 'Realm of the Diggle Gods' started by SkyMuffin, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. SkyMuffin

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    Just curious, since playing through that deep in the dungeon often takes a couple of hours and lots of deaths.

    So far I've seen:

    Diggle god of secrets
    Diggle god of fertility (+:life:, :life_regen:, some other things)
    Diggle god of war (can't remember except for +5:armor_asorb:, which saved my butt later on)
  2. Daynab

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    There are six, as far as I know. One is secret.
  3. tcjsavannah

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    There's a secret secret of the diggle gods? Outstanding.
  4. Catstyle

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    Diggle god of Death
    :dmg_necromatic:5 :dmg_putrefying:5
    :resist_hyperborean:5 :resist_toxic:15 :resist_nercomatic:15 :resist_putrefying:15 :resist_aphyxiative:15
    :life_regen:-25 :mana_regen:-25 :sight:-2
  5. Catstyle

    Catstyle Member

    Diggle god of digging.
    :dmg_blast:6 :dmg_piercing:10
    :burliness:1 :caddishness:1
    :melee_power:2 :armor_asorb:2
  6. Daynab

    Daynab Community Moderator Staff Member

    Oops, I must have missed that :D
  7. DavidB1111

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    What are these Diggle Gods of "foo" anyway? Items? Monsters? I mean, the diggle God of Death seems to be rather powerful to fight. I don't know if those -25 stats means it has -25 less health, or what is going on.

    I've only gotten to floor 10 so far.
    Also, are Myserious Portals random, I only ran into two of them, one on floor 2 and floor 4.
  8. Borodin

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    My wife ran into one at level 1, and decided to check it out, pre-hotfix. She died within three moves of that, aced in one turn by some monstrosity we'd never seen before.

    In my current game, I didn't come across a portal until level 5. I'm ignoring them until we know there's some reason to go inside beside the promise of an early death.
  9. DavidB1111

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    There's good items. And strong monsters. :) That's about all that's in them.
    As for the Diggle Gods, I figured out on my own what they do.
  10. The God of Death should just kill you flat out. The debuff is a death sentence. I was having a great time until I picked it up. I can't heal, my +6 health regen is now -19. My Armor regen skills are worthless. Barely survived a monster zoo and now I have no healing items or way to heal myself other than waiting 19 turns for a health point. Even worse, this was the first time I was able to play my character since the nasty teleporting glitch.
    Instantly killed my will to play the game and I probably won't revisit the character. A patch won't fix it, so that character is pretty much done.
  11. Stupid Beard

    Stupid Beard Member

    Assuming the God of Death wasn't the first one you came across, you could just go up a floor and revisit a different statue to get a different buff. If you travel through areas you've already cleared and close doors behind you, it shouldn't be too hard to get there.

    Alternatively, see if you still have the auto save from entering the floor with the God of Death on. If you load that instead, you'll have to redo the floor but you won't be gimped anymore.
  12. Same thing happened to me, I got the fruit staff and just started killing low level stuff to get fruits to eat, if you go up some floors, check all merchants they often will sell the staff, then go up to the early floors where you can 1 hit everything if you are desperate.

    Does anyone know if the Diggle God of Digging adds Fleshbore? I dont know how I started proc. fleshbore on almost every hit, but it was nice, it would work with every weapon too, I had a high crit score as I took axes, so maybe a crit hit will proc fleshbore with Diggle God of Digging?
  13. DavidB1111

    DavidB1111 Member

    Uh, The diggle God of Death is almost overpowered.
    You get massive resistances to all the dangerous magic abilities monsters on the later levels will spam, even Dredmor himself becomes easier when his Necromantic damage is reduced to 0.

    Seriously, the loss of regeneration is bad, but all you need to do is eat more food, and not be hit much.
    And I don't know what you mean by Armor regeneration.
    By that time, you should have a ton of money. Why not go to all the vending machines and buy out all the food and drinks that you can stack.

    I'm sorry, but that was the first Diggle God I used, and I was happy to use it for a long time. Until I got the God of Warfare, and gained 6 AA.
    Having him instantly kill you makes no sense at all. He's the God of Death, not the God of Instant Death. :) It would be like worshipping Hel, from Norse Mythology, or worshipping Hades. They wouldn't kill you instantly, they need you.

    I hated running low on food too because of that ability, but it's so amazing.
  14. Kazeto

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    It actually makes sense for diggle god of death to give you resistance to dark stuff while siphoning your health regeneration. After all, you simply sold some of your vital powers for protection from death. And it is useful if you have any way of either healing yourself or getting food, as defeating Dredmor without either is an accomplishment in itself.
  15. Stupid Beard

    Stupid Beard Member

    Yes, the Diggle God of Digging buff does proc Fleshbore. The Diggle God of Fertility procs Minor Regen. I'm not sure about the others since I haven't used them yet. Fertility makes it kinda difficult to die with all the health regen you get and the proc ;)
  16. Ryvian

    Ryvian Member

    Diggle God of War gives you berserk upon attacking and upon being attacked IIRC.
  17. Fleshbore is really really strong, does it proc on every hit? I wish I knew these things I didnt find it at J-factor and I havent looked in the xml yet.

    Thanks for answering those questions, and I loved the Death buff, if you let yourself get surrounded, or after the AoE triggers, move to a different tile, they stack up and just everything melts, it seemed though if you stay on the same tile, only 1 of the AoE effects would be active.
  18. Daynab

    Daynab Community Moderator Staff Member

    I'm pretty sure the Diggle God's Fleshbore does proc 100% yes.

    edit: ignore me that isn't correct. The guy below is correct and I am dumb.
  19. Sniktch

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    Per DredmorPedia, the Digging blessing gives a 50% chance of Fleshbore, and the War blessing gives you a 33% chance of Fleshbore on hit - both in melee only. The stats are much, much better on War, and it also gives a 33% chance for Monstrous Rage when hit. - the best two look, honestly, to be Fertility and Death - Fertility for bonus regen and heal when hit, Death because those clouds are LETHAL and you get ten tons of resist to everything that's gonna be thrown at you except Radiant and Aetherial.
  20. Where did you find that on dredmorpedia? that link takes me to swords, the 50% is either bugged or incorrect because it was on every hit, and it also says that it stacks 3 times, but I did get it to stack 5 times a few times (Fleshbore that is) sometimes my first hit would not get a fleshbore, but once they had fleshbore, it was every hit stacked another one, and it would stack if I countered them too, so that is how I could get 5 on occassion, I couldnt get higher than 5 because the monster would die.

    Death is the most lethal, but even with my maxed Armor tree, max shields, and imperial boilerplate helm + armor and whatever else I had, I was taking too much damage and had to eat a ton to stay alive. For me Health regen seems to cap at some point because I had about 12 HP Regen over items by the end game, and I was healing up 1 HP per turn, 2 if I was eating something along with it, it didnt seem to matter much once you get above maybe 5 regen I dont think it will heal you more than 1 HP a turn, so IDK if the fertility regen matters, but the Heal when hit is pretty big.

    I havent tried the vampire skill tree, but guessing it would go real well with the Death blessing