How exactly does dual wield work?

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  1. Tacroy

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    How exactly does dual wielding work? Do you make one individual attack with each weapon, or are they somehow merged together?

    I'm asking because (for instance) some of the weapon skills will occasionally allow you to make a special attack that has different effects. If you have an axe and a sword and you have unlocked the special attacks for each weapon, do you have a chance on each attack to perform both special attacks, or does one take precedence?

    If you have two swords, are there two chances to perform the sword special attack?

    Oh yeah and also is there some sort of penalty for dual wielding without the skill? The UI isn't very clear unfortunately.
  2. Fantasticpow

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    Those are some good questions lol, I believe it is possible as long as you are using those weapons.

    One other bugs to exploit is being able to use bows, while welding a shield lol.
  3. Rikkard

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    You can't double proc things like Blackjack. I don't know if your chance doubles or anything, but I doubt it. It just merges both weapons into one attack as far as I can tell; although you do get double the bonuses from Sword/Axe/Mace mastery.
  4. Kn1fer

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    Does it merge the two weapons to one attack? because i'm farily sure "OFfensive Manuevering" (the second dual wield skill) says that it will randomly merge them into one strike
  5. Rikkard

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    All that does is give you a brief buff. You always attack with your full damage. The stats menu doesn't even differentiate between hands,
  6. RF

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    The buff comes off unarmed, dual wielding shields etc, too.
  7. Lokloklok

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    As a dual wielder i have noticed that you can attack with special attacks (My usual being Norwegian axendo) and it seems to give you a buff of normal attacks and offensive maneuvering will combine them.
  8. TopHatCat

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    That's good to hear, since iv never really noticed the damage difference between 1 weapon and 2 weapons =S So was unsure if it was working...

    Also, how am I Dual Wielding Staves? >_> Not that I'm complaining, because it's AWESOME!