How does the lutefisk statue and its rewards work?

Discussion in 'Dungeons of Dredmor General' started by afterstar, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. afterstar

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    Sometimes I give it 50pieces of lutefisk and nothing happens, other times i give it one by one and at 15pieces or so I get an item. How does the statue work?
    Does giving more lutefisk increase the chance fot an item?
    Does the number of lutefisk increases the chances of getting an item of higher level/value?

    If i give it one by one is it the same as giving directly 50pieces at once?
  2. Misery

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    Each floor (not each statue, there can be multiple on a floor but they all use the same total) seems to randomly decide how many pieces of lutefisk that the statue will want from you. It can be as low as 5, and I had one just earlier that wanted 60. There's no way to know unless you reach that number.

    You dont have to give it all at once or anything; you just have to reach that total at some point. If you have the wonderful lutefisk cube, this usually isnt all that hard. If you're not a magic user, you could stick all drinks into the cube; not a smith, stick all ores and metal blocks into the cube. And so on.

    The amount of Lutefisk the statue wants doesnt really seem to affect the quality of the item that comes out. You could get something not so great, or something awesome.

    I have gotten a couple of good items out of this before though.... even though you might get something stupid, it seems quite worth going for if you have the cube.