How does the expansion pack(s) work?

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  1. Average Joe

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    I've got DoD on Steam.

    If I download any of the expansion packs, how does this new content interact with the game? I mean, do I get to choose which content to play with? Or does it just go ahead and change/delete/add things and there's no going back?
  2. Frelus

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    It is automatically installed, and I have no knowledge of any way to deactivate it.
    Not that I want, anyway.
  3. Kazeto

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    You can remove expansion packs you don't want by deleting appropriate folders in game's folder ("expansion", "expansion2", etc.). Keep in mind that deleting an earlier expansion while leaving a later one might result in unseemly things happening to the game, and that moving rather than deleting is a better option unless you know it'll work and are sure you want it.
  4. Average Joe

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    I see, thank you. I guess I can always delete and reinstall just the original game, too.

    Is there a list in the game of what has changed with each expansion pack?
  5. Lucentdepths

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    just rename the folders so they're still there but the program wont see them. No moving required. You will also want to turn autoupdates off from steam so it doesn't see the missing files and redownload them.

    I'd just change the names from like Expansion and Expansion2 to Off-Expansion and Off-Expansion2

    When you want to enable them again, remove the Off- from the name.
  6. SkyMuffin

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    From what I can remember (in order they were released):

    Realm of the Diggle Gods
    • Big Game Hunter, Emomancy, Werediggle Curse, Killer Vegan, Piracy, and Demonologist skill trees.
    • Option for a longer dungeon (5 more floors) can be toggled on or off at game creation. I think this affects some item drops, but there are also extra items included anyway for earlier floors.
    • Harder Dredmor for DL 15 instead of DL 10.
    You Have to Name the Expansion Pack
    • Clockwork Knight, Rogue Scientist, Battle Geology, and Warlockery skill trees.
    • A lot of new rooms from Interior Dredmorating (no longer in the mod itself to avoid redundancy)
    Conquest of the Wizardlands
    • Daggers, Polearm, Bankster, Communist, Egyptian Magic, Magical Law, Paranormal Investigator, and Tourist skill trees.
    • Wizardlands, accessible from Pocket Dimension
    • Encrusting system
    New Content that works across all versions after patch 1.11 (latest version):
    • Minibosses
    • Pocket Dimension
    I think there are some monsters that are exclusive to the 5 extra RotDG floors? But a lot of extra monsters have been added in general. It would be good to have a list of which specific ones are not in the vanilla game/which are added by which DLC.

    Also, sometimes mods will use assets from DLCs, and so they will not work/will crash your game if you don't have the required DLC installed. Most people who release mods will make a note of this, however.
  7. Average Joe

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    Thank you very much, SkyMuffin for such an informative post!

    Would you advise someone totally new to Dungeons of Dreadmor to get all the DLC, and play with all of it from the beginning? Or do you think that would be too overwhelming?
  8. Frelus

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    Get all of them, and play with RotDG's +5 levels off until you beat Dredmor, I would say.
    That's the way I do it, anyway.
    Because the monster balance kind of wavers in the 5 last levels added.
  9. Warlock

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    Get all the DLC
    Acquire all the skills
    Loot all the items
    Die all the horrible deaths
    TL;DR: yes. get everything.
  10. Average Joe

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    Wavers in being too hard for someone new to the Dungeons?
  11. Warlock

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    yup. The enemies almost all tend to sport some nasty ranged attacks and spells and some of them hit like trucks in melee. You'll die in seconds even on Elvishly Easy if you get cocky. When in doubt, run the heck away.
  12. Giygas

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    Really? When I played on GRPD (though I didn't have YHTNTEP or CotW because they weren't out) I found that DLs 11-13 were the easiest of the game. When I had a Vegan down there it changed to 11-15 being the easiest of the game. Of course, that meant that I didn't engage animals.

    I have no idea how strong the CotW enemies are in the bottom 5 RotDG levels, but if you take Killer Vegan (a RotDG skill) then it becomes easy. Assuming you want to put up with the annoyance that is Veganism.

    I strongly suggest you take all three. At least take YHTNTEP because it's free. With the experience from the previous three, things become a lot easier later on.
  13. Warlock

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    We have those wretched crows with a predilection for Eye Lasers that you avoided, not counting the annoying Diggles as well. Don't forget the Fish Paladins too. Certain mummies also enjoy spamming Gog's tactical pyre and eldritch inhabitation spells. Those hurt when abused by the AI.
    Certain enemies still hit hard in melee as well. Pectinous Tesseracts, Sanguineous Conflagrations, Eldritch Slicks, to name a few. Careful play is the only thing that negates this, since you'll have nowhere near enough resistances to overcome most of those. The mirror shields are your only other mitigating factor, against targeted spells aimed at self. Doesn't save you from things like a tactical pyre though, I might be mistaken.
  14. Giygas

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    Good point :p The mummies weren't a problem, but then again I had a lot of resist in everything. It was probably just a really, REALLY lucky game.
  15. SkyMuffin

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    Dungeon Level 15 in RotDG is completely terrifying. Last time I beat Dredmor I was hoping the entire time to get to him before I ran out of resources to sustain myself against the ridiculously scary monsters. The jump between DL 14 and 15 is pretty significant.
  16. Warlock

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    Did you have the Diggle God of Death blessing? At the cost of totally tanking your natural regen, you get +15 :resist_toxic::resist_nercomatic::resist_putrefying::resist_transmutative: which helps a lot, along with other bonuses.

    MOOMANiBE Ah, those were the days. Staff Member

    The following monster types (denoted by their sprite) are exclusive to the following DLCs:

    Realm of the Diggle Gods:
    Aethernauts, Agar-type Slimes, Elementals, Fish Paladins, Gnomes, Mummies, Muscle Diggles, Slicks, Demonic Potatoes, Wights.

    You Have To Name The Expansion Pack:

    Conquest of the Wizardlands:
    Amazon Beepeople, Cloud Gremlins, Fruit Treants, Rutabagas, Barons (Samedi et al), Samurai, Vlad Digula.
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  18. That or taking Emomancy and spamming anti-magic fields. ;)
  19. TheKirkUnited

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    It's been my general experience that if I can survive all the way down past the tenth floor, the last few aren't too bad. Until you get Dred himself anyway. That guy will wreck you if you don't take every precaution.

    The monsters are stronger in the lower floors, but the same general principles apply for dealing with them. Just use what you've learned and exercise patience and caution and you should come out alright.

    The first five floors or so are always the hardest for me. Especially the first.
  20. Urthdigger

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    Actually, Dagger and Polearm are in the main game, they were from the latest patch and not the expansion.

    An easy way to see what's new in each expansion pack (Well, for those who already have them) is to look under the Game folder for each expansion (Including the main folder) and seeing what's in the db files. In addition, skills in particular are organized in-game according to expansion pack: All main skills, then RotDG, then YHTNTEP, then CotWL. Daggers and polearms were put up top not just because they're with all the weapons, but also because they fit in the expansion.
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