How do YOU deal with corruption as a melee?

Discussion in 'Dungeons of Dredmor General' started by Rakankrad, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. FaxCelestis

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    The answer to that is generally "Brimstone Flask" or "Bolt of Squid" for a meleer.
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  2. Kazeto

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    Or "turn invisible, drop your trap stash, cackle like a maniac while everything explodes" for almost any character, though the brimstone flask option is nice (and commonly used if I have them).
  3. Warlock

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    If you get lucky enough to stash up enough Brimstone Cloudburster traps (Gaslamp, Y U NO LET US CRAFT THEM?) its even better, especially if you're playing a wizard with enough trap affinity, since they scale to magic power, IIRC.
  4. jhffmn

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    Well, one of the things you need as melee is some way to deal with things you cannot take hits from. So use whatever that may be. Options include: ranged attacks, an attack that stuns, an ability that can polymorph (magical law/paranormal), high amounts of dodge/counter, a pet, etc...

    But there are lots and lots of ways to deal with a mob that corrupts. I vote for seismic uppercut.
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  5. Vinculi

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    Erm, I just use Nerve Staple. Kite them into a spot where they can only come at you one or two at a time, staple, kill, repeat. sure, you need psionics, but its a good skill set for melee builds anyhow, especially if you're dual wielding.
  6. Essence

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    How does dual wielding interact with psionics?
  7. Warlock

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    Recursive Curse, I find, kills them faster than if you use Nerve staple. Takes time to work but when it gets off the ground you're in a good position.
  8. wRAR

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    Does it have sufficient damage and sufficiently low cost even on a melee build?
  9. Essence

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    Pretty sure "melee build" is intended to mean "no magic" in thisncontext.
  10. Rakankrad

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    Indeed. My concern comes from playing a full on melee character. No archery, no mp-using abilities, etc. I can sorta accept Demonology's circle, since it's a rogue ability.
  11. Kazeto

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    Rely on items. Bolts, throwabless, potions, mushrooms, whatever you can put your hands on. And that is pretty much it, because most people who have problems with melee builds are people who want their "melee" character to never use anything outside of purely melee skills. And we all know even the mightiest army would not win the war if all they had were tanks.
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  12. Warlock

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    depends if you have an approximation of about 24-26 MP. I have 70+ and one casting can destroy almost anything if the DoT takes hold.
  13. Shwqa

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    You don't get corrupted if you dodge, counter, or block the enemy attack. Just get 100 block and you never have to worry about corruption.
  14. Rakankrad

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    I thought block was only blocking a % of the damage you take and that if it doesn't block the corrupting attack completely, you still get hit by it.. Hm..
  15. Shwqa

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    My 100 block builds can handle whole zoos of 30+ corruption monsters and even with taking damage I never get corrupted.
  16. Kazuhiro

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    Short answer: Magic resist.

    @everyone else

    I wasn't sure if Block stopped corruption, so I was worried about relying on it. Good to hear that it does.