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Discussion in 'Mod Releases' started by Chiko, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. Chiko

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    Also, can I include your red colored thing sprites in a new update? Been thinking about what else to include in the update and so far I can only think about adding a new starting item with this, maybe a ragged winter coat or some other item related to the movie. The skillset seems to be pretty much ok.
  2. DungeonDragon

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    That is a sign of a pretty solid mod. When you don't know what to add into it :)

    btw Chiko if you need any help on sprites I can cooperate. Back in the day my own mod really gained a boost with your food graphics :)
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  3. Chiko

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    Thanks. I can only really edit static sprites and skillset icons. I've never been able to create stuff from scratch so I'll probably need some help with that. :p
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  4. Gorbax

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    To paraphrase Carl Sagan; to make a sprite from scratch, you must first invent the universe.
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  5. Chiko

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    Found some free time today and started to work in a proper recolor for the potato sprite and that starting item I mentioned.

    Ragged Winter Coat
    : "An old and heavily damaged winter coat. There are some dark red stains inside it but other than that, it's still better than nothing."
    +1 :armor_asorb:
    +2 :resist_hyperborean:

    Yes? No? Maybeh? :confused:
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  6. Chiko

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    Got a question regarding monDB.xml
    There are some stuff I I'm not sure about:

    I think this one means the creature can fly.

    The lvl it should start to appear?

    type="3" subtype="27"
    No idea.

    Same as above.

    I think this one makes it unique, and prevents it to appear as a regular monster.
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  7. Chiko

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    Well, I decided to just upload the new update. Check the main page for the download link. :p

    Imma try to get it on the Workshop now, I don't even remember how to do that. It's been a while...
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  8. Von Krieger

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    Nice to see you managed it, as I found out about the update via the Workshop updating the files.
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