Highly recommended watching for all modders:

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  1. lccorp2

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    On writing DoD stuff, straight from the horse's mouth:

    It's inspired me to go back and revaluate all my tooltips and art, for one.
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  2. Frelus

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    I want to go to Digglecon '13!
    Also, roughly at 41:30 or so, I could only think of Nicholas grinning and saying "Why so serious"....
    I may never sleep again, I think...
  3. Oooo

    But yeah this is all definitely good advice.
  4. OmniaNigrum

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    Well done Nicholas. :)
  5. Ruigi

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    What not to do:
    Poop: DO NOT DO POOP you do not want to see what a game looks like when it's based on poop.
  6. Unicycles

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    I'll second that, well done :) A great presentation from start to finish.
  7. Ruigi

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    Also, kudos for the female hero. Dredmor's female hero is the first female hero I've ever played.
  8. Yes definitely. Although it's not the first I've played, for fairly obvious reasons; but its definitely one of the better ones I've seen.
  9. OmniaNigrum

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    The general "entertainment" industry is somehow convinced women must have breasts that are no less than two-thirds their body weight. Then by some miracle, they are capable of walking upright too. (Face it, that is so 'effing disproportionate that it would be impossible to walk.)

    Gaslamp successfully did what the aforementioned "entertainment" industry of morons thought impossible. They made a woman that is apparently Human and actually should be able to walk upright without assistance.

    Cudos Gaslamp. :D
  10. Turbo164

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    I can actually play the female Dredmor hero in the same room as other people without cringing. :savvy:
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  11. DragonDai

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    That was not only a very informative hour, but a very awesomely entertaining one as well. Thanks for the share.
  12. lccorp2

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    And as a bonus, the male hero doesn't look like he belongs on the cover of a bodice ripper romance novel, either.

    Hey, if you're going to complain about cheesecake, one has to complain about beefcake, too. It's the principle of universality.

    Anyways, let's keep this thing on-topic.
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    Lol, my internet is too slow to load this.
  14. Puce Moose

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    Thanks for the link. I enjoyed the segment around 16:00 where he's talking about the serious/silly conundrum that so many games get wrong. If your game is inherently silly, playing it off seriously (or at least semi-seriously) does the game more favors than trying to one-up your own jokes with a silly presentation.
  15. I think that's also probably why they get the whole 'allegedly influenced by Terry Pratchett' thing, because that is very much how Discworld presents itself (with the exception of like, the first few books). Whether or not he was an influence, they definitely have a similar philosophy of humour.
  16. SkyMuffin

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    I'm not even a modder but this is so fascinating and great. The "humorous bread crumbs" thing made me realize why I like Left for Dead so much.

    Also, I really appreciate "this is why rape jokes are terrible" part, on many personal levels. Thank you for that.

    edit: oh my god, Nicholas' description of Lutefisk. I had no idea it was that awful
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  17. dbaumgart

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    Hey, we did give you the Muscle Diggle.
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  18. lccorp2

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    And henceforth one can only suppose the voluptuous diggle...eh...ette? will be forthcoming, I take it? :p

    Okay, okay, sticking back on topic. On a more serious note, though, I've turned almost everything alcoholic now, having being reminded of how important magic=booze is to DoD. Either that, or it makes one Knurd.
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  19. Ruigi

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    In the name of gender equality, I propose a female version of the thrusty:

    "The grindy"
    "The bumpy"
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  20. Kazeto

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    I like the first one, Ruigi.