Hero of Time

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    Become the legendary hero of time. Complete with green tunic and shield. (WIP, lacking some description text)

    This mod adds new content based on The Legend of Zelda.

    • Skill tree for warriors who want more advantages for dodging, and randomized elemental skills.
    • New armor, shields, swords and amulets (can you find the Triforce?)​

    Total stats from the skills:

    :burliness: = 2 :nimbleness: = 6
    :edr: = 3 :dodge: = 1 :trap_sense: = 1
    :magic_resist: = 2 :reflection: = 1

    :dmg_blast: = 1
    :resist_blast: = 1​

    -- Steam link --


    Bomb Throw - Deals :dmg_blast:(2 + 0.25 [​IMG] :caddishness:) in the center of the explosion + :dmg_conflagratory:(2 + 0.2 [​IMG] :sagacity:) around it, + :dmg_conflagratory:(1 + 0.1 [​IMG] :sagacity:) 2 tiles from it

    Spin Attack - Deals :dmg_slashing:(6 + 0.25 [​IMG] :burliness:) damage in an area 2 tiles around you. Casting this spell too often causes you to get Dizzy, debuffing you for -25:dodge: -25:block: -3:sight: for 5 turns

    - On hit taken, chance to get 2:life_regen: 2:sight: 2:armor_asorb: 2:dodge:

    On a Roll! - On dodge, chance to get 25:dodge: 7:life_regen:

    Power Gem Blessing - 2:dmg_conflagratory: 2:resist_conflagratory: 5:burliness:
    Wisdom Gem Blessing - 2:dmg_hyperborean: 2:resist_hyperborean: 5:caddishness:
    Courage Gem Blessing - 2:dam_voltaic: 2:resist_voltaic: 5:nimbleness:
    Goddess Blessing - 1:dmg_conflagratory: 1:resist_conflagratory: 1:dmg_hyperborean: 1:resist_hyperborean: 1:dam_voltaic: 1:resist_voltaic: 2:burliness: 2:caddishness: 2:nimbleness:
    (only have one blessing at a time)
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    Stuff missing description (would love some help here):
    Hylian Shield, Hero's Shield, Picori Blade, The Triforce

    And if anyone has any suggestions to improve this mod, please type them below :downvote:
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    Maybe give some :trap_level: in the Tadadada skill level? Because it seems kinda weird to only give trap sight.... And alot of the time you don't want to get hit, , sooo maybe have it also proc when you hit something?
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    i dont care if it's balanced or not; this is the best artwork ever.
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    You should upload a Non-Steam version here.
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    The Item "The Triforce" needs to be changed to unobtainable through RNG(can only be crafted, forcing you to find all 3 triangles), and needs to be buffed severely. Possibly either weaker or stronger than Window of Elements/Time Lord Scarf.(Maybe add other kinds of buffs than simple voltaic/hyperborean resist, such as primary/secondary stats and damage)

    Edit: Crafting Skill level requirement should be 0. Finding all 3 triangles is the hard part. Buff those too.
    Reddit: Roll Away should be a Cardinal Teleport Move that has a 1-4 tile radius.(Short Distance Controlled Teleport). Perhaps I can help?
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