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    This message write by google translator.

    <img src="http://i.imgur.com/iE2ry.jpg"/>

    Hi, as the hero in the game have static model and draw new sprites for everything is too time-consuming I suggest gradually change the model of the hero, depending on his worldview (the warrior / mage / thief). As an example I can give the game Fable, for example, the hero of the magician can become thinner and grow a beard, and warrior can be thicker and tune up the muscles. This can save time and will be faster than drawing new sprites for each set of items.
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    So, what you are suggesting is three different character models? So if you are more wizard, like in the image, you have a different sprite than that of a rogue or warrior, as you mentioned?

    That is good, just you can have it where two are the same, so you would need 6 models, and then if they do female sprites, it will be 12.

    Might be too much work, but a good idea non the less.
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    Could be, but do remember that the character appears in a few other places (the opening images, the wanted posters, the bottom bar face picture, and a few other spots) so I feel like it all may add up. But, that would be a kind of easier fix.

    That said, I'm having a little trouble imagining it - I always think of wizards as having a wizard hat, which might be a little off if you are wearing a traffic cone instead.
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    What are you talking about, the traffic cone is perfect for a wizard. You just have to make sure you've given the character a hobo background first ;P (Maybe he can summon rusty cars to drop onto an enemy's head? Nyehehe)