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  1. sodatruck

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    Hello. I have a question. Will having more than one expansion in D of D mess up the game or can I have more than one in at once? I am new to expansions.
  2. LionsDen

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    I have RotDGs expansion and the newer YHTNTEP free DLC going on my game with no trouble. I plan on getting the new expansion when it comes out and have that going at the same time. There should be no trouble at all.
  3. FaxCelestis

    FaxCelestis Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Nope, totally fine.
  4. LionsDen

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    About time I finally ninja'd someone else. :cool:
  5. Average Joe

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    In the original game, don't you win when you kill Lord Dredmor?

    If I add Realm of the Diggle Gods, does this change? Or does does it just adda separate explorable area to help you get stronger on your way to killing Lord Dredmor?
  6. LionsDen

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    Lord Dredmor is still the game ending. It's just that instead of him showing up on level 10, RotDGs now has him showing up on level 15.