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Discussion in 'Modding' started by DonutCannon, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. DonutCannon

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    I made 3 potions that would spawn either cheese, booze, or both depending on which you used. I found the potion, and when I drank it, nothing happened at all. Here's the code:



  2. lccorp2

    lccorp2 Member

    Use spawnitematlocation for food items.
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  3. DonutCannon

    DonutCannon Member

    Thanks. I'll try it and see if it works.

    EDIT: Here is the new coding for spellDB, still doesn't work D:

  4. lccorp2

    lccorp2 Member

    itemName. Your capitalisation is wrong. That messes up everything.
  5. DonutCannon

    DonutCannon Member

    Okay, I tried changing itemname to itemName. Still didn't work.
  6. DonutCannon

    DonutCannon Member

    I still need help with this... D:
  7. phasmy

    phasmy Member

    Have you tried removing amount="#" ? not sure if that is needed.
  8. DonutCannon

    DonutCannon Member

    Tried that, does nothing. Also, I need it because i want more than one cheese/booze per potion.
  9. MasterShizzle

    MasterShizzle Member

    Maybe... this way?
    <effect type="spawnitemfromlist">
        <option name="Alchemical Cheese" amount="3" />