Help! My save-file disappeared.

Discussion in 'Dungeons of Dredmor General' started by Suffragium, Jul 23, 2011.

  1. Suffragium

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    I had a save-file which I was on the 4th, on my way to the 5th floor, with 75 k score. I wanted to try a magician build just a little on a new character, so I made one. I died on it, and decided to quit. I did NOT quit from within the game though, and now my old save-file is gone. Is there any way to restore it?

    (Pardon my english, not my mother tongue)
  2. Suffragium

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    Also, I have no idea if this is how I am supposed to post, it's the first time I post in these sort of forums.
  3. Suffragium

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    That reminds me, what I actually did was save when I was dead, I have no idea why. Guess I wanted to try to find some bug or something, and I did.
  4. Suffragium

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    Bump, still need help.
  5. Wallach

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    Were the characters using the exact same name?
  6. Suffragium

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    I do not think so, no, but it might be. If so, is there any way to restore the former character?
  7. afterstar

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    Check in the locations below:
    WinXP : C:\My Documents\Gaslamp Games\Dungeons of Dreadmor
    Win7/Vista: C:\Users\(USERNAME)\Documents\Gaslamp Games\Dungeons of Dredmor
    If you see that your save files .sav are in the folder then go to the link below and read the part about adding your saves back into the loadsave.dat file.