Have any of you noticed a bug with the pocket dimension and monster zoos??

Discussion in 'Conquest of the Wizardlands' started by Wyrmcraft, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Wyrmcraft

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    I've been playing for just a bit, and the pocket dimension is an exceedingly nice place to bank your loot, and potions, and bolts, and everything else that you could ever need. Simply slip into the dimension, grab yourself a potion of this, a wand of that, mushrooms that do whatever, or something similar; and then rejoin the dungeon to confront whatever new challenge you face.

    Obviously, doing this in the middle of combat is a bad idea, but right before combat? Like when you just open a door? Open, shut, Pocket dimension, reopen; kill everything...but I've noticed a bug with this involving Monster Zoos. Zoos still exist physically, but whenever I did this the Monster Zoo music was not there when I came back, the Zoo did not grant me a reward upon completion, and I lost vision of the Zoo. I'd love to upload a screenshot but I was silly and forgot to take one. I'll do so the next time it happens.

    Anyway, what I was wondering was if this interaction was known, maybe it was fixed and I'm not if I was running an ate version, or if it was intentional. If it was known or intentional, I apologize, but I do thank those that respond in advance for their time.

    And I apologize for the two question marks, that was unintentional.
  2. Daynab

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    It's intentional; it also happens if you go down or upstairs after starting a zoo.
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  3. Wyrmcraft

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    I didn't know that, I've never abandoned a floor before finishing a Zoo before, Thank you. Would be nice if it didn't but I understand why it does.
  4. Essence

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    Yeah, otherwise you wouldn't have to constantly eat a single inventory slot carrying around those 2 Squidbolts you always seem to end up with. :p
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  5. You'd really think there'd be a "You flee from [blah blah]" ticker message, just to avoid this occasional confusion.
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  6. Wyrmcraft

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    It is always 2 squid bolts too...maybe I haven't played enough but I always end up with only 2 of them as natural drops
  7. Aphlox

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    Yes, it confused me initially also. I figured there must have been one of the monsters that got away or something, but I eventually made the connection here (after like 4 times of this happening). I don't mind this being the tradeoff but it feels NetHacky that there's no indication to the player that they are making a sacrifice to alter current equipment.
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    The game's documentation leaves much to be desired