Has anyone found a use for the mini fridge?

Discussion in 'Dungeons of Dredmor General' started by stevebrixius, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. stevebrixius

    stevebrixius Member

    I was wondering if anyone has found a use for the mini fridge similar to the BBQ's ability to turn lower quality meat into Grilled Steak?
  2. pauyasfyla

    pauyasfyla Member

    I did not know about the BBQ!
  3. stevebrixius

    stevebrixius Member

    Just droop your lower quality meat on it an voila!
  4. pauyasfyla

    pauyasfyla Member

  5. DavidB1111

    DavidB1111 Member

    No, it's hot. :)
  6. Ganonfro

    Ganonfro Member

    I haven't noticed a use for mini-fridges, I just know that they sometimes spawn free potions, if closed.
  7. Desi

    Desi Member

    I used to get free food and stuff from mini-fridges, but I've been finding them empty for the past week or so.
  8. stevebrixius

    stevebrixius Member

    I tried dropping a couple items on the mini fridge but they disappear...
  9. NefariousKoel

    NefariousKoel Member

    So.. if you drop a sock into the mini-fridge, maybe it'll show up in the dryer.

    Has anyone tried putting ale/beer into it?
  10. Ganonfro

    Ganonfro Member

    I put a potion into it and it disappears, I'll try putting in a low quality ale into it to see if it turns into a better one. BACK IN 5.

    Edit: Didn't work with grog or pear wine. I have no idea what it does now.
  11. Ganonfro

    Ganonfro Member

    Hmm. Grog won't even go INTO the mini-fridge... Maybe because it can't be distilled further. Going to try with something that can. It may take a while longer to locate undistilled liqour.
  12. Ganonfro

    Ganonfro Member

    Nope. Tried with Pear wine. I'm stumped.
  13. Marak

    Marak Member

    Near as I can tell, it's like the BBQ - sort of.

    The BBQ is really just a glorified Crate: you open it and there's a pretty good chance (66% or so?) that you'll get a food item.

    The Mini-fridge is just a Booze BBQ: you open it and there's a pretty good chance that you'll get some Booze, or maybe a Potion. Either way, something liquid that you'd expect to find in a mini-fridge.

    The only reason BBQs have a "secondary function" of cooking steaks is because people were doing just that and wondering why their Fresh Steak wasn't being grilled up for them.

    It might be worthwhile to make a Suggestion Thread along the lines of "Mini-fridges should chill Booze the way a BBQ can cook steaks"