1.0 Harvested Maize never gets taken to stockpile

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  1. Couldn't tell if this has already been posted or not.
    After maize is harvested the colonists just leave it in the field and it piles up and up never getting taken to the stockpile. No other overseers will pick it upe either. The onlycolonists that will are the kitchen workers who will go and pick it up out of the field when the recipe calls for it
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  2. Wolg

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    This might just be that, unlike lumber/stone, the farming job definition doesn't include a return to stocks, since farms typically aren't in the middle of nowhere like resources.

    Did you have idle overseers, fewer designated tasks than work crews? The priority of hauling the maize may not exceed that of other tasks (assuming job utility values are still a thing...)
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  3. Yeah I tried to unassigning all other jobs to see if that was the case with 8 or so idle overseers. I still end up with maize piled 8-12 deep on every gird square on the farm, and still only kitchen workers will take them off the field, and only if what they are cooking needs maize
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  4. mcnostril

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    Huh, I've noticed that too but I figured it was just the usual stockpile mess of not having anyone hauling (+ the random dropping in the wilderness bug).
    I guess that explains why it never got cleared up even when I brought in criminal work crews.
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  5. dbaumgart

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    Found & fixed an issue in a subset of stockpile organization jobs - fixed in dev now, and this will be fixed in experimental / next patch.

    Edit: OR it may be less or possibly more complex than expected. Testing further and will get this sorted out; definitely have a way to sort Maize correctly working here, just want to confirm it's what I think it is. Or isn't.
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