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    I haven't been visiting this site very much lately, but for some reason, I guess I was feeling nostalgic this evening. I love writing about stuff that interests me -- it helps with my 'issues', relieves stress, etc. Anyway, I wanted to let people know that I'm still writing about 'stuff', and if you want to see what I'm writing about, I have my own website to blog about whatever is on my mind -- games (whether computer or otherwise), books, skepticism, or whatever comes to mind. Come by and agree or disagree with whatever nonsense I'm discussing. You can even suggest topics for future articles, tell me how I can improve the blog (because I'm a total newb at this), correct my mistakes (factual or otherwise), or simply lend your support. If you find anything of value, please bookmark it and subscribe. https://haldurson.wordpress.com/
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    Cool to hear from another of our old friends :) Hope you're doing good.