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    After quite some updates, I managed to remind myself that I still need to place it here!

    Due school, I will update less regulary. Please complain to the dwarven council of schools to prevent these things of happening again. D:

    So you want guns in Dungeons of Dredmor? Then why would we give you ordinary guns? We won't do that, we give you guns to swing with! Here are your instructions on how to use the Gunz&No Bulletz mod:
    1. Get your gun. (In game of course, don't try this IRL kids!)
    2. Spin your gun three times.
    3. Swing your gun like a wand.
    4. Watch your bullet fly to the enemy!

    See attached files.

    I would love to get feedback.

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  2. Jellp

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    • Peashooter PS-3:
      • Existential damage: 5
    • Bolt:
      • Blasting damage: 5
      • Piercing damage: 5
    • The philosophers sniper rifle:
      • Blasting damage: 5
      • Piercing damage: 10
      • Existential damage: 10
      • Righteous damage: 5
    • Mr.Pacifist:
      • Blasting damage: 15
      • On hit: Pacified
    • Smith and Wesker:
      • Blasting damage: 3
      • Piercing damage: 3
      • Necro-thingy damage: 5
      • Existential damage: 5
    • Frosty Grenade Launcher:
      • Blasting damage: 15
      • Hyperborean damage: 10
    • Assault Rifle:
      • 3 shots
      • Blasting damage per shot: 3
      • Piercing damage per shot: 5
    • Left-Right Shotgun:
      • Can only shoot left or right. :-(
      • Blasting damage: 20
      • Piercing damage: 3
      • Pushes 1 block back, or more.
    • Flametrower:
      • "Shoots" in all directions!
      • Conflagratory damage: 25
      • explosions may eccour whilst hitting. :)
    • Rocket Propelled Nyan Cat
      • Massive damage
      • Watch out, you might get trolled.
    • Suggest your own gun!
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    Change Log:

    • v1.1.2:
      • Updated Flametrower graphic, it's now more visable.
    • v1.1.1:
      • Added Flametrower.
    • v1.1.0:
      • Peashooter has a different art now. Thank you Probe!
    • v1.0.9:
      • Added Rocket Propelled Nyan Cat! (Oyus)
      • Nerfed gun spawn rate a small bit.
    • v1.0.8:
      • Assault Rifle fix.
    • v1.0.7:
      • 2 new weapons:
        • Assault Rifle
        • Shotgun(cannot shoot up/down)
    • v1.0.6:
      • Mr.Pacifist made lighter
      • Cleaned unused mess in the mod.
    • v1.0.5:
      • 3 new guns!
        • Mr.Pacifist
        • Smith and Wesker
        • Frosty Grenade Launcher
      • Gun rooms.
    • v1.0.4: Big update!
      • All names of the guns have been changed
      • Added gun which was suggested from the comments.
    • v1.0.3:
      • Added "Pistol" as a weapon again
    • v1.0.2:
      • New Pistol!
      • Names changed of pistol, (Pistol MK |, Pistol MK ||).
    • v1.0.1:
      • Small change, pistol made more powerfull.
    • - v1.0.0:
      • Release, Pistol added.
  4. Daynab

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    Been curious about this mod for a while.

    By the way your links are broken, they have the steam protocol in front of them.
  5. Jellp

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    Attached the zip to the thread, removed download links. Wonder if they do work in the steam workshop description.
  6. Frelus

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    For suggestions:
    Maybe the Sniper Rifle could add sight range while debuffing dodge after firing (Scope, you know?)
    You could maybe also do a portal gun (teleports enemies when you fire it/ maybe also a chance to teleport you?)
    A Hextech Revolver, doing no damage but buffing your sagacity and giving you a slight heal on cast for a while (/League of Legends)
    A laser gun doing little righteous and moderate fire damage
    A smoke gun doing aphyxiate damage and leaving a smokescreen debuffing vision range/ on shot buffing your stealth
    A laser marker, on shot marking a target for an artillery strike (THROUGH THE CEILING!) after 3 or so rounds.
    These would be my suggestions.
    Have fun modding!
  7. Giygas

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    Another recipe similar to the Rocket Propelled Nyan Cat: the Meme Gun.

    Each shot does... er, whatever you want. I don't care.

    However, each shot has a random chance of proccing one of the following effects:

    Nyan Cat: either what the Rocket Propelled Nyan Cat does or 7:dmg_crushing:, 7:dmg_conflagratory:, 7:dmg_blast:, 7:dmg_acidic:, 7:dmg_hyperborean:, 7:dmg_aethereal:, and 7:dmg_necromatic:. (The colors of the rainbow, see?) and stuns, plus the normal shot's damage.

    Forever Alone: Same as Love Will Teleport Us Apart from Emomancy, plus the gun's damage.

    Trolled: Nothing happens to the enemy and you take the normal shot's damage.

    Epic Face: 20:dmg_righteous: and Blaze of Glory buff to the monster, plus the gun's damage.

    Rage Face: 20:dmg_conflagratory: and Monstrous Rage stacked 4 times to the monster, plus the gun's damage.

    I'm probably being bad with balancing here. Tweak the stuff to your liking (well, obviously, since it's your mod).
  8. Jellp

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    Great idea's, though I'm not certain how I can get smoke to work. What about acidic smoke? Portal gun is a great idea, but I can only let it teleport the user so far. (In my knowledge of modding) And ehh, I'm really bad at giving guns a good name, could you maybe think about some names?

    Great idea, if I can get this to work it will be in the mod. The Rocket Propelled Nyan Cat the very overpowered and is only meant to take down Dredmor with it. I think it would insta-kill any other monster.
  9. Frelus

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    well, look at the scalding steam mine, the spell effect it does, and do that, maybe tweaking the damage.
    I think it does aphyxiate and fire damage.
  10. lilystorm

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    Pst, the zip has a password on it, and I'd kinda like to play it :D
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    Updated, again! REmoved my previous post to prevent me from triple and double posting.
  12. A2Creativity

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    Weapon Idea:

    - M249 (Machine Guns)
    Taking area Damage

    - .80 Cal (Sniper)
    Needs Reaload for 3 Turns (?)