GUIDE: Vender Spawn Rune Combos

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  1. ScytheKnight

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    This is something i looked for a few times and was annoyed that no-one had done so here's the list of combinations for spawning the various vending machines.


    Hope this helps some other people out! Sorry for the underscoring, was the only way to keep the spacing.
  2. Siveria

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    Thanks for this, I was always wondering what madre the other combo's, I already figured out food and drinks but not the rest.
  3. Wootah

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    Thanks that is great! It might find it's way into the wiki ;)
    On a side note, I am glad there are more vending machines in RotDG. It has really paid off in a few of my games.
  4. Essence

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    Yeah, it makes that first level of Burglary not suck. :)
  5. Hybelkanin

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    Cheers, I never manage to remember the rune combinations. Watchlisted for future reference. :)
  6. Heh, I saved 3 of the O's to see if something magical happened, but I dont know how to split them lol, anyone know if you put 3 of the same in and pull the lever if it will spawn some crazy new vending machine? Also, anyone know how to split a stack of items?
  7. Kazeto

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    Alt+Click, DaddysLittleHelper.
  8. Thanks, I'll see what happens tonight!
  9. OK So I loaded up three of the "O" runes and pulled the switch and nothing happened, so this guide is complete :D unless the devs snuck in some random O O A or something where if you have a combination of runes they make something completely new pop up. I was actually a tad afraid that I would crash the game as I was on lvl14 when I tried it, but its a Rogue like so if I die or otherwise delete my save, thats part of the fun :D
  10. Kazeto

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    Technically speaking, those runes are supposed to be used on the spot, so that the player would not have to haul them around to get something. Because of that, there wasn't a need for a combination that would require 2 of the same rune.
  11. Yeah I was looking for an easter egg or something like that, I figured it probably wouldnt work, but since you could do it, I thought maybe I would be the first to find out
  12. jzworkman

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    Well the xml files have way more than 3 runes so maybe there will be more combo's we can look forward to in the future.
  13. Tehflah

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    Something hilarious at the time of when I did it (Made me chuckle anyway).

    "Man I dunno... Food machine or Throwing machine... Meh food... "

    *Tosses two runes in for fud machine.

    *Sudden craving for lutefisk.

    *Turned one rune into lutefisk.

    "Can't believe that worked lol.... " *Tosses remaining 2 runes into lutefisk cube and wanders off.


    Zero practical use for this, but YES you can lutefisk the runes if you REALLY don't want a machine and go lutefisk crazy.

    Lutefisk anonymous member for life,

    (Would totally create the machine and stuff the ENTIRE MACHINE into the lutefisk cube if it were possible! And then proceed to dance around in the raining explosion of lutefisk that follows. :D )
  14. Or if you are really patient and want some good weapon on the first floor, take burglary, get lucky pick and then just generate a thousand picks and lutfix those lol! Then go to the Lutfix shrine, to get your fix