Guess the Final Revision Number (launch)

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    Because I've been moving to a new place and haven't been able to play CE for days, I need other forms of quick amusement vaguely related to the game.

    What do you think will be the final number?

    I'm going to say 51, which puts us in May (not accounting for any unforeseen explosions). Optimistic? Maybe, but so much groundwork has been laid out already that I think they could pull it off.
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    51 sounds so soon... but the changes between major versions have been so extensive that it is certainly possible.
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    All really depends on the extent of what Gaslamp consider gold. Not all that uncommon for some developers consider all core features added as 'gold' and ship it to release with the intention of adding the additional aspects after a downtime period and then getting going again.

    But if they intend to cover all aspects that have been hinted will be featured in the game before it ships, then I'd say probably not until at least Revision 64 at least. That's accounting for the likely hood that the closer to release it gets the more frequent the later builds become.

    Unless they stop the major revision numbering once it's deemed the all the core elements are now player facing and revert to partial designations for additional behaviour, tuning and such with shorter build release turn around. In which case who knows what the final major revision designation will be. Could be 48 in that kind of situation for all we know.
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    Just because I'd say very amused if Nicholas totally changed the version scheme for release. Say, to v1.0.0. ;)
  6. 44. As Nicholas goes off to make The McGonagall Haiku simulator, David goes off to paint pictures of fronds and leaves all day & Daniel retires to a extinct volcano to plot world domination instead; which is probably more fun than sorting stockpile code.
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