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    The ability to click on the graveyard and issue command to bury all corpse and skeletons. In my game there are skeletons laying around that can not be selected and people freak out when passing them
  2. You're looking for the Clockwork Empires section.
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    Rally your soldiers to where the dead are so you can see them. Click "Open Office Management View" select the barracks, and then at the bottom of their screen click the "Rally Squad" button. It will bring up the grid and then you will see "Place decorative Plant" in a text box at the top middle of the screen, with a yellow jewel looking icon where your mouse is. You can use the mouse to click on the map to make the soldiers run to a spot.

    When the soldiers get there and you can see the corpse, pause the game and then slowly pass your mouse over the corpse/bones until they are highlighted. Sometimes this can be tedious as your mouse may be a good distance from the corpse before it is highlighted for burial.
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    Not in wrong place. I made a suggestion and gave an example as to why I made the suggestion. Thanks any way
  5. You made a suggestion for Clockwork Empires. This section is for Dungeons of Dredmor.