OS X Lion Graphics freezes after playing Dredmor on a 2011 MacBook Air

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by a Widebrant, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. a Widebrant

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    Has anyone else had Dungeons of Dredmor trigger weird graphics freezes after playing on a 2011 MacBook Air?

    About once a week, after I've played for over an hour and exited the game normally, the OS X GUI starts freezing repeatedly, for example when pulling up the dock. Each freeze generates a message like this in the kernel log, but no other warning messages:

    kernel[0]: stampWait: Overflowed checking for stamp 0x0 on Main ring: called from 
    kernel[0]: timestamp = 0x88244d49
    kernel[0]: ****  Debug info for apparent hang in Main graphics engine  ****
    kernel[0]: ring head    = 0x41203238, wrap count = 0x209
    kernel[0]: ring tail    = 0x00003238 ring control = 0x00003001   enabled, auto report disabled, not waiting, semaphore not waiting, length = 0x004 4KB pages
    kernel[0]: timestamps = 0x88244d49
    kernel[0]: Semaphore register values:
    kernel[0]: VRSYNC: (0x12044) = 0x88244d49
    kernel[0]: BRSYNC: (0x22040) = 0x0
    kernel[0]: RVSYNC: (0x 2040) = 0x0
    kernel[0]: BVSYNC: (0x22044) = 0x0
    kernel[0]: RBSYNC: (0x 2044) = 0x0
    kernel[0]: VBSYNC: (0x12040) = 0x0
    kernel[0]: kIPEHR: 0x78170003
    kernel[0]: kINSTDONE: 0xfffffffe
    kernel[0]: kINSTDONE_1: 0xffffffff
    These freezes continue to occur regardless of what applications are running, until I reboot the system from scratch.

    I've had my computer (2011 13" MBA) in for service twice now, including swapping in a new "logic board", which would seem to rule out a problem with the graphics hardware or CPU.

    I suspect there's either something wrong with the SSD, the cooling system or some unholy combination of the two. One common theme for the crashes may be that I was playing on a deeper level, with a larger savegame to repeatedly write to disk.
  2. Daynab

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    It hasn't done this with any other game? That's pretty strange. You could install an app that checks cpu temperature and look if it's overheating.
  3. a Widebrant

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    I haven't played a lot of other games on it, but the freezes may have been triggered without Dredmor being involved. It's hard to tell, since they're so infrequent, but long Dredmor sessions will eventually set them off.

    I left a CPU benchmark and a memory tester running concurrently for a whole day, maxing out the CPU and fan, but that didn't cause any freezing.

    What worries me is the way the freezes are locked in until I fully reboot the system. Even if I leave it in sleep mode overnight, it's reliably still freezing up while and after resuming.