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    Also cleared out some old info and chatter from iteration 1 of the lists in DL1 while I was at it, and did some general cleaning up overall. ~Warlock
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  2. Emperor Zoran

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    Forthesmoorf- sent me to diggle hell, and killed my new character.
  3. If it sent you to Diggle Hell, that means it wasn't a valid code. IE, it was copied down incorrectly.
  4. Warlock

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    The code itself is invalid, it has none of the syllables/phonemes/whatever seen in any of the wizardland codes.
  5. Kazeto

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    Above all, it only has three phonemes. So Emperor Zoran appears to have some severe reading difficulties.
  6. Warlock

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    DL1 spreadsheet codes analysis complete. That is to say, except for the ones which were borked previously. Tomorrow I'll get to work on DL 2 codes. Important announcement to spreadsheet users: Please make a separate entry for EE or DM difficulty level if you're using codes on those difficulties. All the codes as entered in the spreadsheet are tested only in Going Rogue. Thank you for your cooperation. This will also be added to the first page in the spreadsheet readme.

    And above all - keep the codes coming! I'll add them all as time passes. :)
  7. DavidB1111

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    Warlock, do we know yet if the difficulty affects anything? It really shouldn't.
    If it doesn't, your request will be a bit futile. :)
  8. Both operating systems and difficulty were thought to be affecting item drops. Mainly because people with the same operating system but different difficulties were reporting different items. An easy way to check, David, would be for you to make a foray into one of the WL's Warlock has entered.

    Since you play EE (exclusively, right?) reporting your results would be most helpful. Like this one: Corpizakgorwa. It should result in these items- AV8 ring, Haematic Phylactery, Coral Wand, Bony Wand, Iron Hjalmr, minor loot.

    (I play on GRPD, so I don't have a character handy to check it myself.)
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  9. Warlock

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    Chest loot can be random. This much has been confirmed through testing as such for the time being. Loot on the floor *should* remain (relatively) unchanged.
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  10. Warlock

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    Kicking off the DL2 codes:
    Nogarpfromagkol - GRPD of course
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  11. Kyrie

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    Tomorrow i'll throw my codes that I got last plays on the spreadsheet, but for those who want them already:


    Izporuzgorkol - 7 rooms, egyptian, minor loot
    Pakchuchugorkii - 8 rooms, egyptian, minor loot
    Eylechchagorgor - 7 rooms, arcane, AV 1 amulet, swashbucking belt, arcane wand
    Llwejalcragorlioo - 8 Rooms - Egypt - minor loot - Krong Room, fountain room
    Lkmagbelgorkull - 9 rooms - arcane - minor loot - 2 bookcases, evil clone lever, dwarven landmine room
    Posbelpokgorba - 7 rooms - arcane - chest Cybercone, replenishment potion.
    Pnukiikolgorewn - 7 rooms - arcane - Zodiac Wand, Deciduous wand, infernal potion, AV3 helm of treepwood - Trapped bottle room, magic brasiers room with 2 bookcases, dwarven landmine room
    Maschujogorlech - 9 rooms - egyptian - Coral Wand, 7 lockpicks, potion of steeling (behind wall) - Vending machine room, Fake wall room (5th room)
    Achewnuzgorkol - 9 rooms - egyptian - minor loot


    Bzatzarzarmagkii - 10 rooms - arcane - Sturded Leather Coat, Icicly Wand, Astologer's hat, porta still - Vending machine room, trapped bottle room.
    Achbamagkull - 10 rooms - egypian - minor loot - Krong Room, Wizart kitchen room.
    Plnusrhomagpok - died
    Bangmagchamagzuk - 8 rooms - arcane - minor loot
    Uwanuzmagzuk - 8 rooms - Egyptian - Minor Loot - Krong Room
    Mutnuslioomagit - 10 Rooms - Egyptian - minor loot - Inception room on breakable wall on room 6.
    Bzatnuzfromagjo - 10 Rooms - Egyptian - AV4 amulet, AV1 Thieving Gloves, AV1 belt of iron plates - Evil clone Lever, Taumaturgeon Circle
    Pakaknusmaguz - 10 rooms - Egyptian - Minor Loot - Trapped Bottle room
    Bangporlechmagpor - 9 rooms - arcane - minnor loot - Onimous warning hallway
    Lkrahpotmagkii - 10 rooms - arcane - minor loot - Triangulon room, onimous warning hallway, 3 evil clone lever rooms.
    Ukiirhomagpor - 8 rooms - arcane - minor loot - wizard kitchen.


    Blangjalkolkii - 7 rooms - arcane - Wand of laser, coral wand, Voltaic Potion, potion of lively rejuvenation, AV1 Ring.


    Corpnusporkiiarp - 7 rooms - Egyptian - Zodiac Wand, AV1 Bronze Armor - Krong Room, Onimous Warning hallway, trapped bottle room.
    Zoonuzcrakiimag - 8 rooms - Egyptian - Handy Wand.


    Achzukrahliooit - 9 rooms - Egyptian - wand of Tesla - Trapped Bottle room.


    Izgorunflechiz - 6 rooms - arcane - chest wand of bling, clockwork auntlets, box Rock Wand, AV1 Mirror shield - Dwarven landmine room
    Kromcrakiilechpor - 10 rooms - arcane - Hoplon - 2 wizard kitchens.


    Pukiilechnglech - 8 rooms - Egyptian - minor loot - LARGE wizardlands.


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  12. Oooh, quite nice. Were those codes and notes all from version 1.1.2? Or a hotfix/earlier version?
  13. Kyrie

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    Going to ADD those on the spreadsheet now.

    Edit: Added all the codes to the spreaddsheet!
  14. Finnien

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    Got one that might be worth posting finally.
    Zengjokiing - 5-6 rooms, arcane - tentacle wand, potion of purity (or midas, forgot which), lekon's seerly robe, named trapper's toolbelt
    Also had 2 crafting vendors and evil clone lever.
  15. Warlock

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    I will update the codes for DL1 and DL2 to check the findings. Thanks guys :)
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  16. DavidB1111

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    I still say it should logically have no affect on item drops from different difficulties. It probably is a bug that causes items to be different. You'd think Gaslamp Games wouldn't be silly enough to change the loot based on difficulty. :p Not to mention, coding wise, that seems like it would be a nightmare. Let alone testing.

    Also, I'm not playing Dredmor until I get my new computer by my Birthday on the 23rd, Unless someone here wants to fly down to North Carolina and hand me a brand new computer that's worth over $1000. :p

    Seriously, this thing is a pile of crap, I don't trust it to play anything but Terraria anymore. Heck of a lag spike in that game too sometimes.
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  17. Warlock

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    It's still an AWESOME bug. You get 3x the fun for the price of one. :)
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  18. Warlock

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    Halfway through the DL2 spreadsheet codes. Once I finish with those I'll add whatever I can find to the thread for both DL1 and DL2.

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    This is getting lovelier by the day. Who's the moron who deleted the announcement at the top of the readme? It's since been reposted but this sort of thing is getting upside my nerves. Sky, please protect the readme page from future changes. All the info you need has since been entered. Nobody needs to make changes there anymore.
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  20. Warlock

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    35 codes updated in DL2 section. :p
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