Got my first Dremor kill!

Discussion in 'Realm of the Diggle Gods' started by Unibrow, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. Unibrow

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    I hadn't yet killed Dredmor before I got the DLC, previously I had only made it to the tenth floor once where my face was promptly melted off by a pack of Djinn Fizz. This time however my adventurer braved all fifteen levels on Dwarven Moderation with permadeath.

    My skills were Werediggle/ Big Game Hunter/ Berserker Rage/ Unarmed Combat/ Master of Arms/ Assassination/ Archaeology. Unarmed combat was a poor choice for this build, I found out the damage bonuses don't transfer over to diggle form. Also unarmed combat doesn't scale so well, I ended up just using weapons anyway. Werediggle was a lot of fun and quite powerful too. Though by the time I got the skill Arch Diggle smash my basic attack did a lot more damage so I never used it. Big Game Hunter was pretty good too, I never had to worry about food and my pack of hunting diggles sacrificed themselves to let me make a clean getaway on several occasions. I never was able to make good use of the lure skill though, the only time I thought it might be useful was to lure away casters from their group, but it didn't seem to work on monsters with chicken ai. With all the bonuses in defense from berserker rage, wereddigle and master of arms I was pretty hard to damage by the end of the game. Muscle Diggles couldn't even hurt me through my armour! Sea Crusaders on the other hand... Running into a zoo full of them was pretty rough.

    The fight with Dredmor was pretty easy. He startled me by teleporting right next to me, I hadn't fought him before so I wasn't sure what to expect. I summoned a pack of hunting diggles and put some distance between myself and Dredmor. I shot a few bolts at him and used wand of the laser on him a couple times and then he teleported away. He died off-screen, probably by the fire from the laser.

    I'm going to have to try again, this time on Going Rogue.
  2. blob

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    Sounds like Dredmor might have been victim of the out of screen + damage over time bug...
    Congrats in any case !
  3. NefariousKoel

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  4. phasmy

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    Congrats! My psyonics caster just killed him in a similar fashion. I burnt him and made him bleed and then he disappeared and next thing I know he's dead.
  5. Nicholas

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    I'm going to do something about that. Maybe just give him total immunity to DOT...

    Did you find the Diggle Gods?
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  6. Unibrow

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    I did find some of the Diggle Gods, and I'll admit that when I saw the first one I was too afraid to have anything to do with it. My curiosity has led to my untimely demise on many occasions so I was little hesitant to experiment! It wasn't until later that I got to know them a little better...
  7. Run Now

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    I think I had a decent build to do it but still learning how things add up although perhaps moreso subtract...
  8. BadBeat

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    That's a bit of a brute force way of fixing it, isn't it?
  9. kuliksco

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    Yea, same thing happened to me. Shot him with one fire/laser? wand, ran away and boom I won.
  10. blob

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    Yeah. Would be... slightly annoying on characters mostly using DOT obviously. :/
  11. kuliksco

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    i though the dot only lasts a few turns. is there a min max time on how long a creature will burn? maybe he was just walking in traps. when i walked over next to him the first time he was sitting in some yellow skulls.
  12. Dracanish

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    Yeah I just got my first kill too. I don't even know how he died, I saw him but hadn't cleared floor 15 yet so ran and closed the door on him. While opening another door I was suddenly met with the news that I had won the game.

    Worth mentioning I guess that I had opened a rift in his room before I saw him - I saw him in there after the rift had closed, didn't check his HP. My build was necronomiconomics, dual weilding, staves, blood magic, magic training, demonology and dodging.
  13. J-Factor

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    The problem isn't DOT spells, it's the 'burn' effect. It seems to deal damage as a percentage of maximum HP. Igniting a monster with 1,000,000 hp takes off at least 1/4 of the health bar.

    This is even worse when you stack the burn effect. Take Pyrokinesis - it burns the target (#1) and starts a fire below them (#2). Next turn the monster is re-ignited (#3) even if they walk out of the tile. That's 75% of their hp gone, guaranteed.
  14. Null

    Null Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Burn only does about 6-36% of a high-health monster's hp. The overall percent to high health monsters is like 3-6% and the duration 2-6 turns.
  15. J-Factor

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    What do you mean 'the overall percent'?


    That's after one (resisted) casting of Pyrokinesis with a measly 10 magic power. The second casting killed him. He only survives if he immediately walks out of the fire that's on the ground - it's a one hit kill (after ~9 turns) if he stays standing in the fire for 2 turns. Same thing happens if you give him 1,000,000 hp.

    Burning is broken.
  16. Null

    Null Will Mod for Digglebucks

    I mean consistently burning never does more than that percent to monsters, as far as I could see.

    Secondly it's your pillar that's doing damage.

    Third I made a mistake with that in that the duration is longer, that's bleeding's duration (but the damage per turn is accurate)
  17. Thrones

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    First kill for me too. Moderate Difficulty, No Time To Grind, and Permadeath. Four Bolts of Mass Destruction followed by a Tenebrous Rift finished Dredmor off. Met him in my 3rd room on floor 15 too, was hoping to see more Diggle Gods (Went through Fertility, Death, and Digging; Thought Death was a good idea since I was playing Necro, but the sight reduction is crippling).
  18. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    Burning has been taken down a peg in today's upcoming patch...
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