Golem and monster on same tile

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Despayre, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. Despayre

    Despayre Member

    Running into this a lot in my current game. If I have a mustache golem out and kill a monster with other monsters around, sometimes the golem and another monster will move into the same tile. Usually when this happens the tool tip and art will not match up, meaning that if the art shows the golem, the tooltip will describe the monster or vice versa. Either way it seems as if I'll attack the golem every time if I try to click on that tile.

    Havent seen anyone else mention this so I dont know if it's all pets, just mr mustache, or just a weird occurrence in this game.
  2. Zom

    Zom Member

    +1, started to see the same behavior after the recent patch.
  3. granger44

    granger44 Member

    I'm also seeing this happen.
  4. whoopsiedaisy

    whoopsiedaisy Member

    And another thing: summoning the rank-1 golem in the same space as a monster causes it to go haywire and end up somewhere else entirely.
  5. Jam Warrior

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    @whoopsiedaisy That is working as intended.
  6. jareddm

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    Anything that is summoned (golems, sigils) in a space already containing a creature will instead end up in a random spot on screen.